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    Event Handler for the Combo Box

    Praveen M. Level 1



      I have TextComboBoxWidget, I want to trap the return key event. For each key press the update function in Observer get exectued but I found the difference in only ClassID when the focus is lost,


      I tried to write the event handler,

      code in  .fr file is as

                  IID_IEVENTHANDLER,  kMyComboBoxEHImpl,
                  IID_IMYCOMBOEVENTHANDLER,  kComboBoxEventHandlerImpl ,

      type MyTextComboBoxWidget(kViewRsrcType) : TextComboBoxWidget(ClassID = kMyComboBoxWidgetBoss){};


      In factory.h the class is registered.


      And kMyComboBoxEHImpl is inherited from the CEventHandler, as

      class EditBoxEH2 : public CEventHandler


      but, when I press any then the control is not comming in the constructor of the event handler, I am not getting what's going wrong?  Please help.