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    Datgrid and Subheaders

      I am looking to recreate a clothing catalog order form in flex. Each product has 5 common attributes and then a variable number of sizes. My client likes these to be displayed in a massive grid where all like sized products are grouped under the same sizes. The customer types the qtys of each size. There are bundles and rules around qty and price between sizes etc. About 250 items are displayed on the page and i total up qtys and price on a button click.

      I have had this running for a number of years in html using forms and js. I am looking at porting this to flex.
      While we are looking to expand the options a customer can use to find and select their product I need to maintain this view they are use to. I was looking to do this using datagrids but from what i can tell datagrids can not have new column labels further down the grid or can they?

      For example sizes or columns S, M L XL have 3 rows and then further down the grid I have new columns 7, 9,11, 13 etc with 6 rows. Ideally i want to keep all the data inside 1 grid rather than display 7-8 grid on the one page. If anyone can offer some advice on whether I go down the datagrid or list path i would appreciate it.