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    Mapping External Header File in Robo 8 AIRHelp

    Jack DeLand Level 1

      This is embarrassingly simple, but here's the thing: I can't seem to get RoboHelp 8 to recognize a map file I've created.  A clever developer has devised a way to use the .h file "outside" of our application, so it doesn't have to be bound in every time it's updated; you just replace the .h with a new one.  I generate the .h file from a spreadsheet listing our classnames (dialogs, mostly), and "import" it to the Map section in Robo.  I then place a copy of it in the target directory.  Theoretically, it should match up - they are identical.  But no; the topic mapping is not found (clever debugging code checks for this, and puts the offending string in the Clipboard).  So far as I can tell, somehow, Robo is not recognizing my .h file.  We have about 400 topics to link.  Any ideas?