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    Can't get serial number for Vlog it!

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      Hi! I'm a trying to get a key for VlogIt!, enter my name and e-mail, but always get the same site error:
      "The web site you are accessing has experienced an unexpected error"
      and "An exception occurred when setting up mail server parameters.
      This exception was caused by: coldfusion.mail.MailSessionException: An exception occurred when setting up mail server parameters.. "

      Can you help me with it? If there is any other way to get a key?

      Thanks on advance,
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          AngryCustomer Community Member

          A year after this post, it appears that Adobe still hasn't fixed the problem.


          I've been unable to install this software for a week.  Customer Service is clueless and helpless and I've got no recourse.  I'm dead in the water.

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            AdobeCustomerServiceHorri Community Member

            LOL  They are horrible.  Not on dead in the water here but also, now having to wait for them to refund me.   Its pathetic...




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              Pathetic Service Community Member

              I agree with everyone on here.


              I purchased yesterday...they were quick to withdrawal the money from my account...and couldn't get a serial number.  I called customer service and they told me to check my email sometime in the next 24 hours.  I checked...nothing.  I called customer service back...we'll email it to you within the hour...nothing.  I called back after about two hours...still nothing.  It's now Friday night.  They tell me to call tech support because it's a technical issue THEY are having.  Oh, sir...forgot to mention they are only open on Monday.  Two more days down the drain.


              So I asked for a refund.  No problem sir....oh, I'm sorry we must have the serial number to issue a refund.  You will have to wait until Monday.


              This is the worst service I've seen...can't understand the people I'm talking with, they can't help me, they've taken my money and I have nothing for it.  Feels like a major rip-off or like they've stolen something.


              Good luck everyone...buy an alternate product!

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                daniels318 Community Member

                Just bought this software.  Customer Service (which is some guy named "Andy", but obviously in India) says I don't need a serial number.  The software begs to differ.  Adobe, please send an installation key!!!

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                  akadjian Community Member

                  Having the same problem. This is horrible. There's no serial number when you download. All it says is call Customer Service.


                  Customer Service in India does not know anything. First, I was transferred. Then, I was told it would take 24 hours for them to generate a serial number.


                  It seems Customer Service will do anything to get you off the phone.


                  This should be simple. You buy the software and receive a serial number.


                  What has happened Adobe?

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                    akadjian Community Member

                    A brief update from Adobe - Day 3.



                    Called Sales. If you call Sales you will get someone in the U.S. Sales told me what I needed was re-serialization. A new serial number. But they insisted the only way to do this is to go through Customer Service.


                    Back to Customer Service. I called and asked for re-serialization. The support rep insisted first that I try what the last 2 support reps have suggested.


                    CS Rep: Run the installer. Get to the Installation Key page. Click Get Your Installation Key. When you do this, a dialogue box should ask you for your e-mail address.

                    Me: It doesn't.

                    CS Rep: It has to.

                    Me: Well, it doesn't. It takes me to http://www.adobe.com/products/vlogit/

                    CS:Rep: Is there a dialogue box that asks you for your e-mail?

                    Me: No. I am on the Adobe website at the Vlog It! product page.

                    CS Rep: Can you login?

                    Me: Yes. But when I login and look at my purchase, it says call Customer Service for my serial number. Can I please get a new serial number?

                    CS Rep: We cannot give you a new serial number unless you lost the original serial number.

                    Me: But I never got an original serial number.

                    CS Rep: Then your only option is to get your installation key through the installer.

                    Me: This is not an option since it doesn't work. Could you issue me a new serial number?

                    CS Rep: We need you to redownload the software and try again.

                    Me: That's what I did yesterday and it doesn't work. Could you put me through to someone who can help me?

                    CS Rep: I could let you talk to my supervisor but he will say the same thing. All I can do is open a case and someone will get back to you in 24 hours.

                    Me: I have a case open and it's been 24 hours. No one has contacted me.

                    CS Rep: It takes 24-48 hours, but someone will contact you.

                    Me: So now it's 48 hours?

                    CS Rep: Someone will contact you.

                    Me: There is no way you can put me through to this person now.

                    CS Rep: All I can do is open up a case.


                    So now I have a 2nd case open. I do not believe anyone will contact me in 24 hours or even 48 hours as I still haven't heard from anyone on the first case that was opened. I will post updates as anything happens.


                    Here is a screen shot of where my serial number is supposed to be in case anyone from Adobe reads this and doesn't believe my story.



                    Guess my next step if I don't hear from anyone is to call Sales back. At least you get a person in the U.S.

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                      daniels318 Community Member

                      Go for it Akadjian!


                      I decided this piece of garbage probably isn't worth it (although I'm secretly hoping you get them to figure it out), and wasting endless time with them getting a refund isn't worth it either.  I'll probably just reverse the charge on my credit card.  Last time I buy an Adobe product.


                      The funniest part is that this whole interchange is happening on Adobe's message boards, and they don't even hear it!  What an awful company!

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                        akadjian Community Member

                        So you've had no luck getting a refund either? That is too bad. Good idea to take care of through the credit card company. I've considered this, but am going to remain hopeful for at least a bit longer.


                        It's a shame because Adobe really does make some good software products. Through different companies, I've used Photoshop and other products in the past and they seem solid. Have also heard good things about Vlog It.


                        And, having worked as tech support for Apple, I naturally sympathize with the Customer Service reps.


                        The problem seems to be, at least in part, that Adobe is not supporting their Customer Service center. That is, the Customer Service reps have no way of escalating if something is outside of their Knowledge Base. For instance, when the process that they have been given and are explaining to us doesn't work.


                        The CS rep kept telling me "It's your only option." Well, in order for it to be an option, it has to be able to work so it's not my only option. What I think she meant was that it was HER only option. She was speaking w/ her supervisor and he didn't have any additional information. So it seems like they are an island out there in India.


                        If you hear anything else, post back here. Even if it's about getting your money back. I used this site in the case I have logged to show that this is happening to other people.


                        And post this link to other places like Facebook, CNET, etc. It is already the #1 link in Google when you search for "vlog it serial number."


                        Thanks for the encouraging words, Daniels318!

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                          AngryCustomer Community Member

                          So I'm going on 3 weeks into this.  I've already missed my deadline for what I needed the product for in the first place.  But now it's just the principle of the matter.  I want my installation key.


                          So as I type this, I'm on hold with customer service 72 hours after my latest 24-48 hour request to wait for the key.  I've been on hold for 1 hr and 15 minutes because EDWIN (whose name is not Edwin), the floor supervisor in the Mumbai office, ASSURED me that if I only waited 24-48 MORE hours that I wouldn't have to call him because HE had taken care of the issue and it WOULD be resolved.  But since I'm on hold waiting for him, clearly it hasn't.


                          Spoke with Edwin (I should have done the dialog thing, sorry guys)


                          Edwin says that there is a team set up specially for Vlog It and I'm being connected directly to them.  I suspect that they are just another customer service call center with no knowledge of what my case is and as a result I'll be asked to wait 24-48 hours.


                          After 15 minutes, I get Tim in tech support who could not get me the key. But He connects me to Licensing Department. But It's the MULTIUSER Licensing department so he can not get me the key.  He says I need to connect to the SINGLE USER licensing department.  Ironically it has the same phone number and option number as regular old customer service.  So I'm on hold going back where I was before.


                          Peter answers and guess what--IT IS THE GENERIC CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!


                          So before Peter can run me through my paces...I ask for Edwin.  I'm on hold again for Edwin.  Edwin amazingly is unavailable for 30 minutes so I'm getting a new floor supervisor.  I'm on hold again.


                          Peter: "I spoke with my supervisor, it has already been escalated to the proper team and now you just have to wait 24-48 hours."

                          Me: "WRONG ANSWER.  THAT'S THE WRONG ANSWER, PETER."

                          Peter:  But I spoke with my super...

                          Me: NO. You said that you were going to get your supervisor for me to speak with.  I want to speak with him.

                          Peter: Oh...yes sir, right away.


                          So now I'm on hold again.  I've just crossed 2 hours of time working on this. 


                          Instead of getting a floor supervisor, I got Jason (whose name isn't Jason).  After the whole verification idea he says all supervisors are busy and I can get a call back in an hour.


                          So after 2 hours and 15 minutes - I do not get my installation key.



                          There is getting to be enough of us to be able to do something that will get more attention.  Apparently no one from Adobe is reading this forum, and opening incident cases isn't working either.


                          I'm thinking we do some type of YouTube video chronicling each experience with customer service.  We all have webcams, hence our interest in Vlog It, so why don't we use them?


                          The next time you call Customer Service, put your phone on speaker, turn on your webcam and try to get your key.  After the call...type: Adobe Customer Service: 24-48 hours = FAIL as the title and upload to YouTube.  Then Link it back here.


                          ...Maybe we should send our video to Microsoft, Apple, and Quark.

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                            akadjian Community Member

                            Hi All,


                            I contacted a CS rep this morning who was able to give me a serial number.


                            The software has now installed on my computer.


                            Not sure how he was able to get this, but maybe referencing my case number will help.


                            Case #0202132684


                            I'm now able to install and login.



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                              AngryCustomer Community Member

                              Thanks Akadjian!


                              I called CS back and told them to reference your case number as well as mine, and I was connected to Vlog it Support.  After a few more transfers, I was able to speak with a CS representative that asked me to fax a copy of my proof of purchase in, and within about 30 minutes, I had my serial number.


                              It's been a long ride, but I'm finally getting off the train.


                              Good luck folks.

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                                daniels318 Community Member

                                I got an email with a serial number this afternoon.  I'll try it when I go home!  Woo-hoo!  Thanks to all for complaining louder than me!  I hope it works.



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                                  mgallina66 Community Member

                                  After further research, we've discovered an error in our serial generation that unfortunately affected a handful of users. We are in the process of fixing this issue and you should receive a serial number for Vlog It by the end of the day. We're very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

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                                    akadjian Community Member

                                    Thank you for your help, mgallina66. Happy to finally be able to install!

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                                      MarkC in Oz Community Member

                                      I wish I had seen the original post and strings before I bought Vlog It!


                                      After taking three, yes three, days to finally get a download because the online system wouldn't accept my phone number as a valid number and accept my registration I finally got the product onto my laptop!


                                      Now I can't get a damn serial number. None of the links in the autoresponder email work, and the steps advised to follow don't work either. I've spoken to the Adobe "unhelpful" desk and they've been most inadequate.  I then rang the Sydney office and spoke to the most helpful person in Adobe worldwide, she felt my pain and said she would pass on my concern to the customer service manager in Singapore.. that was half an hour a go, and I'm still waiting.


                                      I really want this product, and it has come highly recommend, but if I knew it was going to be this hard to get Vlog It up and running I don't think I would have wasted my time.


                                      Not happy!



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                                        sachauncey Community Member

                                        Hello - Did you ever solve your problem? I downloaded VlogIt but when I tried to install it asked for an Installation key. I did not receive one. The Order number and product number were the only numbers supplied.

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                                          sachauncey Community Member

                                          Hello -- Did you ever resolve your problem? I purchased and downloaded Vlog It - asks for Installation Key which was not supplied. Do you have an installation key -- can I borrow until I can get them to supply. I have an Order Number etc.

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                                            akadjian Community Member

                                            Customer Support was finally able to get me a serial number.


                                            What I would suggest is that when you call them back, make sure they setup a case for you and then be sure to add this link to it.


                                            You can also refer them to to Case #0202132684


                                            This was my case number and they should be able to access the notes on how they solved it.


                                            Hope this helps!

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                                              sachauncey Community Member

                                              Thank you so much ... will try tomorrow - my luck - they're closed today.

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                                                schen00 Community Member

                                                I am having the same trouble! No serial number was provided.

                                                Order Number: AD002473900
                                                Order Date: Friday, July 17, 2009
                                                Status: Shipped


                                                Case #0202275010


                                                Has anyone considered posting this to consumerist?

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                                                  rodinphoenix Community Member

                                                  I wish I had known about this problem before I bought this software last night.


                                                  I am having the same problem as everyone else. Serial number area on my order says"contact customer service"


                                                  When I try to install the software it asks for the installation key and there is a button you can click to get the serial number. When I click it it opens a new window that says this web page is not available.


                                                  After more than a year they have not fixed this problem! You would think a big company like this would not allow this problem to go on unresolved.