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    User Authentication


      I have transferred a Site that worked correctly in php4 and MySQl 4 to a site that is running php5 and MySQL 5. I am having problems with the User Authentication page loading now. I have redone the entire page and reloaded it. The page doesn't load at all and doesn't display any type of an error message in the browser. It simply shows a white blank page. My other dynamic pages work correctly. Any help would be appreciated I have also included the code.

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          David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

          If you're getting a blank page, it means that your server has display_errors set to Off. This is good, because it's a security measure. However, it can be frustrating if you get an error, but can't see what it is. If you had followed the advice at the top of the page to check the Dreamweaver FAQ, you would have found an item titled Why is my page blank?, which explains the problem and what to do about it.


          Looking at your PHP code, though, I suspect the problem is this:

          <?php virtual('/Connections/EMS.php'); ?>

          Change virtual() to require_once(), and replace the path to EMS.php with a path relative to the document, and not the site root.