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    Scheduled task issue - connection failure - possibly certificate issue?


      I have several scheduled tasks set up through the CFAdmin that have been functioning without issue for awhile, until this week.  Some of them have been in place for several years.  I am now receiving a "connection failure" error on the html output page that a few of them generate.  Weird thing is, the scheduler log shows them as running successfully, and I can run them manually fine.


      I've searched everywhere I could think of and have found that most of the suggested resolutions do not work.  Authentication is set to basic, and the username that the tasks use has full permission to the entire directory.


      The only thing that changed recently was our SSL certificate expired, and one of the sys admins created new ones.  We've run through a few tutorials on importing the cert into the correct libraries but this has also not worked.


      Does anyone have ANY suggestions or ideas on what might be the issue here?  I'm really at a total loss.  Thanks for any help.