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    Correct long lasting bugs

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      This is really the feature that I would need most. No bugs I have submitted since I am using Framemaker (version 3 !) where ever corrected.


      One example: If a word contains a non breaking space, it will never be hyphenated. This is a bug because in some languages, words may end with a non breaking space followed by a punctuation. In that case, the word wont be hyphenated. If the non breaking space is replaced with a space, the line might be broken at that space, which is not good.


      This bug have been submitted many time (nearly once for each new version). Nobody seems to care.


      Another bug that have been submitted many time: importing corrupted MIF may crash framemaker abruptly with no usefull indication about what happened, or at least where it happened. Framemaker should reject the file without crashing.


      There lot of other problem with CMYK colors, incorectect handling of table heading continuation, font replacement, and so on.


      And each new versioin comes with new bugs. Frameker 9 dose not save to PDF unless you have installed Distiller 5.5+. What about Acrobat Pro 9? Does is not include Distiller? Why is Framemaker 9 not able to detect it?


      But I should be able to print to the Adobe PDF printer to get the same result? No, here again it is completly buggy and when printing books, it produces lots of pages with missing fonts. Printing documents one by one will solve most of the problem but not all. Some pages have to be be printed individuallly and inserted manually into the resulting PDF.


      Who is speaking about a solution for producing big documentation?


      Please don't spend you time on cosmetics (like the new GUI or this stupid save to XML that produces no useful result)  and make this application work the way it is supposed to. For the price we pay, we deserve it.


      Attache is an example of a page with missing fonts, and pure CYAN incorrectly translated to RVB

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          Sheila Carlisle Level 4

          Hopefully you'll be pleased to read this: The missing fonts problem has been fixed since July of 2008. It is a joint Microsoft and Adobe fix, and the issue was not in any way associated directly with FrameMaker, it was the printer driver and it affected many other apps, both Adobe and non-Adobe. Here are the references:




          Also, if you would like useful response on your other issues, I'd suggest posting individual questions on the General Discussion forum rather than this thread becoming a jumbled mix of replies -- it's difficult for forum members to follow more than one issue in a thread, it gets confusing for everybody.


          Lastly, if you're posting about FM9 issues, please post the specifc version you're using, the "pxxx" numbers from Help > About.

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            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

            FrameMaker works quite well with Acrobat Pro 9 in terms of production of PDF.


            Just make sure that you have one and only one version of Acrobat and/or Distiller installed at one time!


                    - Dov

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              doc_engineer Level 1

              I have another long-standing bug to add to the list.  When you use "Find", the found text is supposed to be highlighted.  But FM doesn't always highlight the right text.  I have a large document (500 pages) that includes a lot of conditional text, including tables whose anchors are tagged and tables with rows that are tagged with conditional text.  When I do a "Find" with the conditional text set to "show all", hitting "Find" repeatedly to search for the same text will cause FM7 to highlight the wrong portion of the window, often whole pages away from the found text.  I was disappointed to find the same behavior with FM9.

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                mandrill22 Level 1

                How come no one has mentioned the longtime inability of FrameMaker to refresh the screen and leave non-existent objects on the screen to mess with your mind? Sometimes even Refresh will not get rid of them! you have to flip the page or change the zoom to see that what you deleted is not there and to see that what is missing on the display is actually there.