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    Abram Adams Level 1

      Is there any way to change the color coding of HTML/CFML to match that of Dreamweaver?  This is basic stuff, but the docs don't help much.

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          Window > Preferences > ColdFusion > Editor Profiles > DW  the colors aren't exact but pretty close and you can customize the colors further in the same area.  HTH.

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            Abram Adams Level 1

            Hmmm... maybe my install is broke then.  When I switch to DW all html and cfml tags are red (or maroon or whatever that color is).


            DW colors HTML elements as:

            table elements: teal/green

            img: pink

            a: green

            div/span/p/body type tags: dark blue

            form elements: orange (ish)

            (See attached screenshots):





            Also note that when you copy/paste into CF Builder it does not colorize (even after shutting down and restarting CF Builder).  I had to hand type it for it to colorize.  Also notice the closing </cfoutput> and the div.  It complained of an error that multiple tokens were in the same position.

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              RamKulkarni Level 2

              Editor profile settings in CF Builder apply to CFML code only. To change color of HTML code, you need to set preferences in Preferences->HTML->Editors->HTML->Colors.

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                DongerNeedFood Level 1

                From the CFBUILDER example above, does anyone know how to change the colors of variables?


                From the code: <cfset ColdfusionRocks = "Coldfusion Rocks">

                How do I make the variable ("ColdfusionRocks") appear in a color other than black?


                I like to have a black background (takes awhile to get used to, but I don't get headaches anymore), so I need to change anything that defaults to black to white...as far as i know, i've done this for all of the CF editor colors.  What am I missing?

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                  Abram Adams Level 1

                  I know I'm a bit on the slow side, but is it possible using Eclipses colorization to apply different colors based on the actual tag (table, img, etc...)?  It doesn't seem so.

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                    There are known issues with the current build and color coding. They are trying to get it like it is in DW, from what I was told.

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                      RamKulkarni Level 2

                      Abram, if you are looking for colorizing different tags with different colors, then that is not possible in CF Builder.You can color CFML tags and HTML tags differently, though.

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                        Abram Adams Level 1

                        So you won't be able to color it like DW?  Bummer, to me that's huge.

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                          dabinaz Level 1

                          oh man, if that is the case, there will be hell to pay. Just do it already. Can't be but some regex right?

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                            Christine Panus Level 1

                            I have a bug report on on the syntax highlighting issues here: http://cfbugs.adobe.com/bugreport/flexbugui/cfbugtracker/main.html#bugId=78722 Add what you find into the comments on the bug.


                            The regex in question is not as simple as one might expect upon first glance.  I know that cfeclipse had a number of issues over the years before finally getting pretty close to a solid regex solution.  Its a beta product, cut the developers a little slack.  I can only assume they will get most of this resolved.  The current state of the colorization significantly limits usability.

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                              I have also noticed several bugs with colorizing.  In particular, none of my SQL code is colorized, it's all in black.  So any code inside <cfquery> tags gets an old boring black color which makes it hard to distinguish between SQL commands, table names etc.

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                                Ron.Stewart Level 1

                                Agreed. The ability to distinguish between types of tags by colors (e.g., tables, forms) is a big help to being able to digest at a glance how stuff fits together in a file of any size, and particularly so in mixed-language files. It is one of the capabilities of the old (now dead) Homesite and CF Studio editors' syntax highlighting that was a big (and perhaps underestimated) help. It's every bit as important within SQL of any significant complexity.

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                                  Dipanwita S Level 1



                                  CFBuilder currently does not support SQL highlighting. Please log an ER for the same.





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                                    Christine Panus Level 1

                                    There are some issues with using a black background color at this time.  The regex they are using is not rock solid and some situations are defaulting to black text.  There are some sections of text that I cannot get to be any color other than black.  I have changed every color I could find in preferences to colors other than black, but some text simply will not change.


                                    My current solution is to use a very dark grey for the background which enables me to avoid the headaches while still being able to see the black text.  It is a little annoying, but I can beta test for a few hours at a time before I have to switch back to my previous editor.

                                    I'm using R: 30 G:30 B: 30 Hue:160 Sat:0 Lum:28


                                    As for color coding the specific text <cfset ColdfusionRocks = "Coldfusion Rocks">

                                    Open Preferences (Window>Preferences)


                                    I'll detail the specific instances for your string below:


                                    In the section called "Tag" within ColdFusion>Editor Profiles>Editor>Colors [<cfset] is color coded with Tag Start.

                                    The Variable Name [ColdFusion Rocks] is color coded using the Foreground color specified in General>Editors>Text Editors>Appearance Color Options>Foreground Color

                                    In the section "Punctuator" within ColdFusion>Editor Profiles>Editor>Colors, the [=] is color coded by Equal

                                    In the section called "Literal" within ColdFusion>Editor Profiles>Editor>Colors, the ["ColdFusion Rocks"] is color coded by Literal

                                    In the section called "Tag" within ColdFusion>Editor Profiles>Editor>Colors the [>] is color coded by tag end.


                                    In all color coding sections related to ColdFusion Builder (ColdFusion>Editor Profiles>Editor>Colors and HTML>Editors>[CSS,HTML,JavaScript,ScriptDoc,XML]>Colors you can set a group level color and then override that color for specific instances.


                                    Hope this helps!

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                                      DongerNeedFood Level 1

                                      @Christine...many thanks!

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                                        Dipanwita S Level 1

                                        Hi Chirstine,


                                        Thanks a lot for all the details. We are looking into it. Meanwhile, the sample files that you are trying to send me are getting blocked by Postini and not allowing me to retrieve them. Can you please zip them up and resend.


                                        Just re-checking that the version of Eclipse you have is 3.4, right?





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                                          Dipanwita S Level 1

                                          Sorry, I missed telling you that you have to rename the extension of the file from x.zip to something else, say, x.adobe and then email it.





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                                            Christine Panus Level 1

                                            Hi Dipanwita,


                                            You should have received the test files by now and hopefully can confirm the issues I've been experiencing.  I have been using both 3.4 and 3.5 (which I know is not supported) but the test files I sent you were for issues with 3.4.  The 3.5 search interface for eclipse is so much better than 3.4 that it is worth working around what issues I've found so far to work in the 3.5 environment.  I really hope that you guys are compatible with 3.5 before we get the final version of this product.



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                                              Dipanwita S Level 1

                                              Hi Christine,


                                              Thanks for sending across all the .col files and test files. Currently syntax checking throws some errors on the test file, which is actually valid code. Hence, colorization goes wrong beyond that point. We are investigating the issue.


                                              Regarding the issue of having two separated eclipse installs, it should work as desired and each should not interfere with the other. We need to look into your installation to be able to debug the problem. We are in GMT+ 05:30 timezone. Please let me know a suitable time over email and we will do a Connect session.




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                                                CFMLGuru Level 1



                                                One of my favorite resources for ColdFusion Builder Extensions is Ray Camben's RiaForge found at http://www.riaforge.org/index.cfm?event=page.category&id=14.  One of those is Andy Jarrett's "CFBuilder New Color Scheme".  Which can be found directly at http://cfbuildercolorscheme.riaforge.org/.  I actually like this color scheme even better than the DW default. It is very easy to identify attributes, tags, content, etc..




                                                Braden Lake

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                                                  Abram Adams Level 1

                                                  Thanks for the info Braden.  I guess I'm just so used to having html tags color coded by element type (table, form, etc...) that having every non-cfml tag the same color, or in the case of the scheme on riaforge every tag (cfml and html) is almost the same color, it becomes very noisy and hard to distinguish at a glance between the different elements.

                                                  I like how cfeclipse gives a few coloring options (especially the new taglib color option).  Perhaps the CFBuilder devs could come up with something like this?