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    Adobe Reader Mobile / Adobe Professional 8.1.5 / Kindle DX

    Ray Joyce - PPC

      We have recently purchased a Kindle DX and are attempting to load PDF documents watermarked with Adobe 8.1.5. When these documents are ported to the Kindle DX, the document either crashes the Kindle or the page turns are extremely slow, 7 to 10 seconds per page. All watermarking is being done on Windows XP. A few questions:


      1. Are there compatibility issues with Adobe Mobile Reader and Adobe Professional 8.1.5
      2. Should we upgrade to Adobe Professional 9.x?
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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The problem lies with Amazon's pdf reading technology. They do not use Adobe technology in their reader. I would suggest plain pdfs with no bells or whistles. Placing watermarks on a pdf destined for an 16 shades of grey screen is asking for trouble. It is too likely to make the page unreadible.

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            Ray Joyce - PPC Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response, but I have read on multiple sites: http://blogs.adobe.com/billmccoy/2009/05/amazon_others_l.html that Amazon incorporated Adobe's Reader Mobile Technology. Is this not true? If it is, what does this technology give to the Kindle DX?


            "Amazon today announced their new large-screen Kindle DX, including that they have integrated PDF via Adobe's Reader Mobile technology, giving users instant access to millions of business and personal documents. The integration of PDF technology allows users to simply email PDF files to their Kindle email address or quickly move them to the device using a USB connection. The Adobe SDK also supports PDF reflow, so that text can automatically adapt to the screen size, allowing users to consume PDF documents with an enhanced reading experience."


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              Hi all,


              After having learened so much from the internet and "looking it up on Google" I feel I should give back to the community


              I have been searching for a solution to the original post for a few days now and it has been really bothering me. I was unable to find any clues anywhere.



              1. download "send to kindle" desktop app

              2. optain Adobe Pro

              3. open your PDF if adobe pro. Crl+A (select all) and allow adobe to digitally recognize the text if its not already there.

              4. cut and paste all the text into a new word document and save it as .doc

              5. drag the file into the "send to kindle" app



              -the format will be all screwed up, but if its the text you want to read it should work great.

              Works like magic!

              Thanks ADOBE!!