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    Free photo hosting website please review


      I and my friends working on a photo hosting social network          


      1. is website slow?

      2. how is design? is ok..?  all feedback need



        -Create free album

      -Create slideshow and send to your friend on facebook myspace etc  ...  can create 5 slideshow type

      photoflip slide   http://konruk.net/slideshows/show/aum391/65

      carousel slide    http://konruk.net/slideshows/show/aum391/64

      polaroid slide    http://konruk.net/slideshows/show/aum391/66

      stack slide        http://konruk.net/slideshows/show/Travelling2007/49

      df slide               http://konruk.net/slideshows/show/aum391/55

      -multiple image upload (100 photos) in onetime

      -Tag photos on a map -Rate photos

      -Embedded codes to insert photo into forums, blogs and websites -Edit photos