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    Flex inserts pounds sign in url causing a page not found error




      I've seached this forum and the internet and can't find a solution to my problem. I have added a compiled flex swf file to my home page which contains a simple test application. When the page loads the last resource loaded is the swf file which, for some reason, does a redirect that strips the the url from http://localhost/SCA/index.jsf to http://localhost/SCA/# causing a no page found error. I thought that deep linking would be the answer but did not change the behavior.


      I know that this happens because the page contains an HTML base element <base href='<%=baseUrl%>'> where the variable baseUrl dynamically builds the domain and context for the image, js, css etc. files that are also loaded. When I remove the base element all works fine. Unfortunately I need this element on the page


      Does anybody know why the swf file does a redirect and how I can stop it from stripping the index.jsf page from the URL.


      This is a JSF 1.1 application.