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    How do I get my files to be recognized by DW

    wcamp Level 1

      Running DW8.2 on a Mac (OS 10.4.11)


      I had to do a clean install of my OS. Now, after installing DW, my sites do not appear in the Files/Assets/Snippets folder in my DW window.I see my entire hard drive's folders!


      How do I configure my hard drive to present my numerous previously located Web folders? I've back much of my User data onto an external hard drive but don't know exactly what to copy from the external hard drive to my machine an where to paste it. If copy/paste will not work, must I go to Site > New and enter every one of them from scratch??? (Hope not.)


      Please educate me on the steps to take.


      Many thanks, in advance.





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          David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

          You should have exported the site definitions first. However, if you have all your old files and folders backed up, you might be able to find the Site Prefs file. There are instructions in the Dreamweaver FAQ item titled Backing up and restoring site definitions.


          Dreamweaver 8 was made by Macromedia, so the location of the file will be under Macromedia, not Adobe. Also, the version number is 8, not 10.

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            wcamp Level 1

            Thank you very much, David.


            I located the file, copied/pasted it, and was delighted to see my sites appear in the DW sites list. Your instruction was very helpful.


            I made note of this for future need.


            Thanks, again.



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              wcamp Level 1

              Sorry to re-open this thread, but . . .


              I had to [again] reinstall my Mac OS (10.4.11) and all apps/files/prefs.


              Having reinstalled all, I opened DW 8. The Files tab of the Files window shows only computer and network folders. I want to identify the directory that houses all my current DW site files so I can copy/paste them from my external HD to my PowerMac G4.


              I believe I did what David suggested in mid July (copying/pasting Home Library > Application Support > Macromedia > Common > 8 > Sites > Site Prefs, as well as copying/pasting Home Library > Application Support > Macromedia > Dreamweaver 8 > Configuration [which has in its SiteCache folder an ".xml" and a ".dws" file for each of my sites]).


              Unfortunately, after copying/pasting these two collections, the site files still do not appear in the Files window.


              What must I do to get DW to recognize my site files so I don't have to recreate every one of them?


              Thanks very much.