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    Getting Started Questions ...




      I consider myself to be an 'advanced beginner' web developer. I develop using ExpressionEngine and have a below average skill level with xhtml and css - but I'm getting better. I run a small business with my wife and my primary job right now is to improve the 'professional' quality of our websites. But too much of my time has been going into troubleshooting the effects of my CSS changes to the pre-built templates I've been using as I try to make them 'more of my own.'


      I was very excited to learn about the CSS export function in Fireworks CS4 and I want to buy the program, but first I need to make sure that it will meet my needs - based on my current skill level - and my need for productivity; especially since it looks like Fireworks has a bit of a learning curve -- and the last thing I need right now is another piece of software to learn while trying to develop content for our business.


      So considering this I'd appreciate it if anyone can answer the following questions -- and/or offer any additional insight.


      And, I'm in the process of absorbing the articles, demos, and tutorials on the Adobe Fireworks Help and Support and related sites.




      1. Are there any pre-built templates to help newbies get started protyping a website in Fireworks?

      2. Is there a way to import example sites from the web to use as a starting point for building my own?

      3. Is Firework's CSS export function 'really' production quality, and not 'needing' any changes to have it work and validate (I'm remembering Dreamweaver's WYSIWYG from 1999)?


      Thanks again.



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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          The CSS and Images export feature does not exempt you from having a 

          solid knowledge of CSS and XHTML.


          Before you buy, I strongly recommend you download the trial, and 

          follow the tutorials you can find on the Adobe Site, Layers.com and 

          Adobe TV.


          1)There are no pre-built templates supplied with Fireworks, but Matt 

          Stow has created some which you can download at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/fireworks

          2)Community MX offers free and commercial templates for site designs, 

          but they were not built with the Fireworks CS4 new features in mind.

          3)No it should not be considered final production quality. Tweaking 

          will be necessary, or good planning during the design phase - or both. 

          That said, it should validate.




          Jim Babbage

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