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    They want me to what? Create a Website??????


      Okay I need some assistance. My Daughters preschool is a non profit parent coop school. It is such a wonderful environment and so condusive to learning both for children and parents. Anyway, they have asked that I redesign their website. Here is my dilema

      I have never ever even craked a book about website creation. HTML is like Kanji to me. I would love to create something WONDERFUL for the school I just dont think I am qualified.

      So here is my question to you. Is there a way for me to make a site without knowing HTML? Is there an Adobe program that I can use to create something that is visually stunning without having to have too much content. Meaning I would like to use photos of the children, add maybe a calendar, and then a suggestion box type deal, informaiton on how people can donate to the school. etc. etc.



      I'm LOST, frightened, and alone in a deep dark forest that is WEBSITE design!!!!!


      Thank You in advance for your assistance!


      Michelle H