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    Error linking to FM9 book


      OK, we recently moved to Actually Adobe Tech Suite 2 and I was doing really well, until . . .


      I have watched the videos and read what I can, and from this I have created a FM9 book titled onlinemanual. I have added all my FM docs and everything is good.


      I open RH8 HTML, created a new blank project, called it OnlineManual, first topic Welcome. I then click file - Link - FrameMaker Document, and I find the book previously created and click ok. I then get the following error:


      "The filename is invalid. The "" character cannot be used in a path."


      I have not used any illegal characters in the filenames. The only thing I could think of was RH didn;t like the names of the folders I put the files in (??) so oI copied them to the Documents folder, rebuilt the book and still received the error.


      What am I missing here???


      Phil Clark

      Training & Services Manager

      Flashecom Services Inc