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    embedded font styles procedure

    jiggy1965 Level 1

      I've imported two styles of the Trebuchet MS font into the library. One without selecting the 'bold' checkbox in the Library Panel upon importing and the second with the 'bold' checkbox selected.

      If I look in the font list of the property panel I now see the two embedded fonts (with asterisks behind their names):
      Trebuchet MS Regular*
      Trebuchet MS Bold*

      The first textfield uses Trebuchet MS Regular* and off course shows the text in plain style

      The second uses Trebuchet MS Bold* and I would expect the text to turn immediately bold, but it is still in regular style when I select Trebuchet MS Bold*. In both cases (Trebuchet MS Regular* and Trebuchet MS Bold*) I would have to select 'B' in the properties panel to make the text bold. Which in the second case seems a bit too much to me. Why still have to click 'B' when I already have Trebuchet MS Bold* selected?

      Too make it more weird: I could also import Trebuchet MS with Italic selected, choose Trebuchet MS Italic* (which would make the text 'regular' at first) and click 'B' to also make the text bold.

      Can someone explain why Flash works this way with imported fonts?

      (I know I should/could use TextFormat, but I'm curious about this other approach and why Flash works this unlogical way with embedded fonts)

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          I'm sorry that I can't explain you why it works like that, but I think using the ''TextFormat way" is quite logical.


          You simply set one TextFormat class and as its font property you just set the font name (ie. Trebuchet MS), you embed the fonts to Text Field and you can use htmlText property to stylish the text with <b> or <i> tags...


          I don't see any problems with this in Flash.

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            jiggy1965 Level 1

            I know I should use Textformat or CSS, but I'm still curious about this way. Attached a file which demonstrates this. The middle textfield uses the font with its Bold checkmark checked when I imported it. So whey I entered its text and used the bold version of the imported font, I expected the text to immediately turn bold. Instead I still have to click the B button in the Properties Panel to make it bold. Like on the bottom textfield, which is the same font (with bold checkmark set), but also has its B button activated.


            Again, I know I should use TextFormat, but I'm still very curious why Flash works this way with fonts. Can someone provide me a logical explanation why this happens? Why I still have to click the B button to make text bold even when I use the bold-checkmarked version of the same font?