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    Products needed




      I created a form using LiveCycle Designer that connects to a Access Database. User chooses an item from a dropdown list and the form is populated with data from the database. I work in an area that has about 80 users all having reader loaded on their machines. I know I had to have reader extensions to make the database connection using reader on the desktops. What I did not realize was that you can only buy them in 100 user packs and they are about $ 100.00/user. What I am wondering now is if using Adobe Flex Builder to build the form and use Adobe Air on the machines would be a better option for me?

      Does anyone know what products I would need to make this one form work in an enterprise setting without spending $ 10,000.00.


      Thank you All



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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          I don't know the LiveCycle ecosystem too well, so can't comment on LiveCycle specifics orr pricing.


          However, it sounds to me like you are creating a client server application.  If so, you do not want to use Access.  It is not built for mulit-user applications.  You'll want to use a server side database.  MySQL or SQL Server Express are 'free options, SQL Server or Oracle are two commercial alteratives.


          Flex and AIR are interface building tools.  They are not designed to access a remote database directly.  ( Although AIR can access a local SQL Lite database).  You'll need some kind of middleware.  ColdFusion is one option.  Microsoft .NET is another option.  Java, PHP, Ruby, etc.. are all other options.


          So, to set up your application using Flex / AIR:


          1) Flex/AIR app on each user's local computer which will access...

          2) Application Server Software on a server, which will communicate...

          3) With a server side database


          To get data from the database to the Flex/AIR app, you just run the numbered list in reverse.  The server side database returns aquery to the middleware / application server, which returns the query data to the Flex/AIR front end.



          There are ways to set up this system with minimal cost.  Flex/AIR is free.  You can use PHP, Ruby, or another free application server.  Then use MySQL or another free database.  You'll need a machine to hold the server software.  But, I would assume that is a nominal cost compared to the 80 users running your app.  ( Then again, I would have assumed that the $10K is nominal for an 80+ person company too )