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    Bye, everyone!  :-)

    Ramón G Castañeda Level 4

      Well, friends, I'd like to share with you my view of Adobe these days, after having been an Adobe customer for just about a quarter of a century.


      This will probably be my last post here.    Once I'm logged off sometime tonight, I do not plan to log in ever again.  I'm sick and tired of being logged off and having to log on, the miserably slow peformance and undescribable ugliness of the new forum layout, the difficulties in navigating the site, the departure in droves of great contributors, the paucity of interesting posts and the heavy handed censorship by a certain Hungarian goon operating out of Romania, a totally uncharacteristic, un-Dutch Dutchman and other new forum bouncers.


      Adobe has effectively killed these forums, just as they killed the Adobe Studio Exchange by sheer incompetence.


      Adobe is now a decaying, elephantine, unresponsive, gargantuan and disorganized bureaucracy that is slowly but inexorably crumbling.  That decay affects software development as well, not just customer service.


      It's not just the forums going to pot, it's the entire gamut of customer service, tech support and it's reflecting in the applications too.