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    can you have 2 application components in one project??

    cyber0897 Level 1

      hey guys... im brand new to flex, but i was wondering if you could have 2 application components in one project??


      for example...

      in my login.mxml


      i would have

      <s:Application ...... >


      in here i would have states, state one will first show my login screen,

      and then on login success it will display my main mxml...


      </s: Application>



      the other file i have


      <s:Application .... >


      here i have all my main data....


      </s: Application >

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          Shongrunden Adobe Employee

          You should really only have one Application object in your Flex application.  A better approach is to base your custom components off of the Group component.


          So your main.mxml file will have something like:

              <comps:LoginScreen />


          And your LoginScreen custom component (LoginScreen.mxml) could be based off of a spark Group:


              <s:SimpleText text="hello" />
              <s:Button label="Login" x="100" />


          In this case both your main.mxml and LoginScreen.mxml files should be in the same directory.  If you want to put the LoginScreen.mxml file in a subfolder you can update the path on the comps namespace to something like xmlns:comps="subfolder.*"