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    lower third rendering at the bottom of the screen

    Calvin Kelly

      I filmed an interview on a Canon HV20 then created a new project (HDV 1080i30) in Premiere CS3 and then imported the video. I then created a lower third graphic in Photoshop and imported that into the project. I placed the lower third towards the bottom where I wanted it and it is exactly where I want it when I view it in Premiere. Then when I exported the final project the lower third shows up at the very bottom of the screen. I tried exporting to QuickTime, Windows Media, etc. and the same thing happens every time.


      I then went back to the project and moved the lower third way abover where I want it and then when I exported it showed up about where I originally wanted it. Basically what I'm seeing in Premiere is almost an inch higher than where it shows up when I export it.


      Any idea why this is happening? Is there a setting I'm missing or something like that?