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    Debug a Module?


      Ok, there has to be way to properly debug a module. I have several Flex projects in my workspeace like so...






      MasterApplication Project loads ModuleProject1 and/or ModuleProject2.


      Let's say I need to be able to set a breakpoint in ModuleProject1. How do I accomplish this? Basically what I do is compile ModuleProject1 and ModuleProject 2 to a swf and MasterApplication.swf loads one or both using ModuleManager.


      It's very painful to figure out issues with the code if the module is a black box when it comes to debugging. What am I missing? How can I debug my modules?


      I did some Googling and all I found was something that said to make sure you are loading a debug version of the module and not an exported release version. Did that, still ignored my breakpoint.


      Help please.