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    CS4 - no sequence preview preset file


      I am getting an error message as follows:


      "This project contained a sequence that could not be opened. No sequence preview preset file or codec could be associated with this sequence type." Attached image included. I can import the project that is generating the error into a new project and then edit and rendering final edits as desired. When I save the new project file and try to re-open it, I get the same error all over again.


      My question is, how do I isolate the sequence and / or the property of the sequence in question?Premiere_Error.jpg




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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          What are the relevant details here?  Media type, project/sequence settings?  Premiere Version?  Etc.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Try Sequence/Settings. Not really difficult, is it?

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              kmerino Level 1

              The software version is CS4

              Final render is for PC Playback; 640 x 480, Square Pixel, .WMV, progressive scan

              Source files are of a whole host of conventional and non-conventional resolutions of video and still images.

              I am at least three layers deep with nested sequences with a total of 7 sequences

              I am using motion animation


              The project file was saving and opening OK until I added one of my later sequences that is using a fake pan of an oversized still (1280 x 1920) with an animated still image layer over that. I am still getting use to CS4 jumping up from an a version of Premiere 6.5, so I am not sure what my sequence settings are for each one. I am doing the “learn as you produce” thing at the moment.


              I am currently trying to remove one sequence at a time to see if I can get rid of the corrupted one. Once I isolate the offending sequence, I am going to try to narrow down what property it is that is throwing Premiere the curve. Are you familiar with any kind of sequence analysis utility that would do this automatically?

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Source files are of a whole host of conventional and non-conventional resolutions of video and still images.


                That could well be the source of your problem. No, AFAIK there is no automatic sequence analysis tool. Do all the individual sequences play correctly?

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                  kmerino Level 1

                  The trouble is in my custom sequence settings. After I import a sequence that didn’t work in the old project into a new project, I can copy / paste the clips from that sequence into a new sequence that uses an existing Sequence Presets (e.g. DV – NTSC, Standard 48 kHz). After I save that, it will open fine. It appears that I had created all the latest versions of my sequences with my custom setting, as none of them would reopen when isolated. I have included my custom settings below. Do you see anything in question with them?


                  These are my custom settings:


                  Editing mode: Desktop

                  Timebase: 30.00fps


                  Video Settings

                  Frame size: 640h 480v (1.0000)

                  Frame rate: 30.00 frames/second

                  Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels (1.0)

                  Fields: No Fields (Progressive Scan) (also tried Lower Field First)


                  Audio Settings

                  Sample rate: 48000 samples/second


                  Default Sequence

                  Total video tracks: 3

                  Master track type: Stereo

                  Mono tracks: 0

                  Stereo tracks: 3

                  5.1 tracks: 0

                  Submix mono tracks: 0

                  Submix stereo tracks: 0

                  Submix 5.1 tracks: 0

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    Nothing out of the ordinary with these settings. I was afraid with the wide variety of sources, that maybe you were working with sequences with resolutions like 1372 x 419 at 45 fps or other esoteric charateristics, but this all looks quite normal. What codecs are in use in your source material?

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                      kmerino Level 1

                      Thanks for your help in trying to figure this out. At least I do have a path forward even though I am not sure why Premiere doesn't like these settings.


                      The movie files are varied, but here is one of the more odd ones. I am using .PNG and .JPG for te still images.





                      Type: AVI Movie
                      File Size: 5.7 MB
                      Image Size: 368 x 208
                      Pixel Depth: 32
                      Frame Rate: 25.00
                      Total Duration: 00:01:13:28
                      Average Data Rate: 79 KB / second
                      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0

                      AVI File details:
                      Contains 1 video track(s) and 0 audio track(s).


                      Video track 1:
                      Size is 5.68M bytes (average frame = 3.15K bytes)
                      There are 155 keyframes, 1694 delta frames.
                      Frame rate is 25.00 fps
                      Frame size is 368 x 208
                      Depth is 24 bits.
                      Compressor: 'MP42', Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V2

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        I wasn't too far wrong after all.


                        These are really weird formats with 368 x 208 dimension and encoded with MP4.


                        To identify where your problem is, remove these AVI clips temporarily. Do you still have the problem? If not, then the solution is to convert these clips to something editable and preferably to a size that is easy to edit, like MS DV-AVI type2. That will give you non-square pixels, but using Interpret footage that is easily solved.

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                          kmerino Level 1

                          Unfortunately, the resolution or codec are not the issues as I was using that clips without issue on my first iterations. It was only when I changed the Sequence Settings that Premiere started having the trouble. I can reproduce the error message with using the custom settings that I posted before and just a 640 x 480 .jpg image as a clip.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            As a "test," try converting this Asset to match your new Sequence Preset, Import it and replace the original. How does it perform now?


                            Good luck,



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                              Jeff Bellune Level 5

                              Do you have Quicktime installed?



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                                kmerino Level 1

                                Thank you all for your input. It ended up being the "Video Previews" codec setting for the Custom Sequence Presets. It was defaulting to “I-Frame Only MPEG”. When I set it to Microsoft AVI, it would re-open.

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  Great news and glad that you got it sorted. Thanks for posting your settings changes.


                                  Good luck,



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                                    kmerino Level 1

                                    Thanks! Just trying to pay it forward!

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                                      The was a brilliant find!  How did you come to that conclusion?  I edited the xml project file and removed the line w/ the I-Frame setting and it worked.  I've spent a week trying to fix this. Thanks!

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                                        kmerino Level 1

                                        I am glad the post helped.


                                        As far as narrowing it down. I had enumerated projects files that worked up to a point and then I started getting the error message. I had to retrace the changes that I had thought I had made between the last saved version that did not have the error, and the one that did. That is when I realized that I had saved a custom preset. When I looked at the "preview codec" between the standard offerings and the custom setting I created, it stood out as the difference.

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                                          grobbio Level 1

                                          Thank you. Changing the default preview type to Microsoft AVI worked. Now, wil ever Adobe put out a patch for this bug? It's really a pain in the *** until you discover the fix...


                                          Thank you all.



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                                            Thank you everyone for finding how to overcome this problem.  Just in case anyone else finds this thread and needs step by step instructions, here's what to do:


                                            1. Open the Premiere project file (.prproj) in a text or xml editor.   I used Dreamweaver.  In Windows you can right click the project file and choose open with...  Just make sure you don't check the box to tell Windows to always open this type of file with Dreamweaver; you still want Premiere to remain the program that normallly works with .prproj files.
                                            2. Do a find and replace, replacing every occurrence of 'I-Frame Only MPEG' with 'Microsoft AVI'
                                            3. Save the file.


                                            The prproj file shold open properly after that.


                                            If you made a preset type of sequence that uses I-Frame Only MPEG you'll have to delete it and make another one that uses Microsoft AVI so that you don't get this problem again.

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                                              Thanks for the excellent solution. Worked like a charm for me.

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                                                Got the same error message in Premiere CS5 (trial), and for the same reason. The fix doesn't work for me though. No sign of the preview codec mentioned in the XML.

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                                                  I tried the above solution as well, but using the Priemiere Pro CS5 trial like brandstedt, the edit didn't do me any good.



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                                                    you just need the full version so you can install the codecs

                                                    • 23. CS5 - no sequence preview preset file keeps my project from opening at all

                                                      I am having this same problem in a full install of CS5. I am on a Mac, using all MOV footage encoded with CineForm NeoScene (and yes, I have the most recent versions of the codecs installed for everything). I have one sequence that is dynamic linked from After Effects, and it has given me no trouble so far, I have closed, opened, edited and exported it without trouble. Until today.


                                                      Now I am getting the dreaded "This project contained a sequece that could not be opened. No sequence preview preset file or codec could be associated with this sequence type" error. Never mind how unnerving it is that the error uses the past-tense, making it sound like all hope is lost.


                                                      My problem is that once I "OK" that error, I get returned to the "Welcome" pane offering me new or ercent projects to open (I should probably disable that). But the project I am trying to open never comes up. It won't open at all, so I can't check the sequence settings to see what's going on. As I mentioned, it all opened and worked fine two days ago, and as far as I know nothing has changed in my system since then.


                                                      This is a big problem, since I need to make edits to this project, and I am hoping not to have to start it again from the ground up.


                                                      Some of the advice in the thread seems to indicate that other folks, after receiving this error, COULD open their project and check different settings. Does my lack of ability to do so indicate a bigger problem? Could it have something to do with Dynamic Link (it doesn't matter if I have that lnked file open in AE, I still can't open the Premiere project). I have restarted and tried opening it fresh, no luck.


                                                      Can anyone give me some quick guidance with this? Thank you!



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                                                        Hey TheGrandNabib -- did you ever figure out the problem?  I am running into the same issue.  Everything was opening normally then suddenly I started getting the same error message.  I have the full version of cs5.5 and have updated everything to include all the codecs.  Have tried a number of things.  Nothing seems to be working.


                                                        Let me know if you figured anything out.




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                                                          TheGrandNabib Level 1

                                                          Hey Michael,


                                                          This apparently is a pretty well-known issue with CS4-5.5... sometimes - not always, and only for some people - on updating, Premiere seems to convince itself that it is once again a trial version of the software. The only way I was able to combat it was to do a full untinstall-reboot-reinstall, sad to say. Some folks say that they have had luck JUST uninstalling and reinstalling Premiere, I didn't try that first. But if I were you, i'd do the uninstall, run the Adobe Cleaner tool (http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cscleanertool.html), repair all your permissions, reboot, and then reinstall. It worked wonders for me.

                                                          The OTHER thing that helped me was updating the nVidia card and CUDA drivers... there are new ones that fixed a LOT of problems for me. Won't fix the missing codecs, sadly, but worth looking into if you are using an nVidia card.


                                                          Good luck,



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                                                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                            That "Revert to Trial" Bug has been around for some time now, and seems to be related to updates for the program. I know that Adobe is working to find a cure at the update stage, but I am not sure if they have been successful - only time, and insuing updates will tell that tale.


                                                            In the meantime, the "tried-and-true" cure remains:


                                                            1. Deactivate, if possible (as the "trial" is not Activated, this will likely be grayed out)
                                                            2. Uninstall PrPro
                                                            3. Download and run the Adobe Cleaner Tool CS 5 (latest version), a few times, rebooting between each (as you suggested and linked)
                                                            4. Reinstall PrPro
                                                            5. Immediately update to the latest version, before even launching PrPro the first time
                                                            6. Launch
                                                            7. Test (look for Sequence Presets, and Export Presets - all should now be available)


                                                            Good luck to all, when that Bug bites. Not sure why this Bug hits some, but not most. That is probably causing consternation for Adobe, when working on a permanent fix for all updates?



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                                                              Hi all,


                                                              I've just had the same issue. I got really worried since the project I'm on has deadline for tomorrow. Somehow I figured out a solution that actually worked. Here's what I did:


                                                              1. Launch After Effects and, without opening any project, deactivate Production Premium Permanently (CS5.5 in my case). This doesn't uninstall anything, it just clears your serial number and (I suppose) some internal permissions. You'll find that option in the help menu.


                                                              2. Close After Effects and open it again.


                                                              3. It will ask you for the serial number. Type it in, wait a moment for it to communicate with Adobe and that's it, Premiere's working as good as usual!


                                                              I'm running Production Premium CS5.5 on Windows 7 with an Annual Subscription Plan.


                                                              I really hope that helps!

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                                                                I too had this same exact issue. Apparently it was caused by moving the files from one PC to another. Here's how I fixed it.


                                                                Since I was completely unable to load the file, there were no settings for me to adjust. But, looking at kmerino's advice about the "I-Frame Only MPEG" codec preset, I got curious.


                                                                I opened the .prproj in Notepad++. I looked around at the XML and checked to see if anything stood out.


                                                                1. The absolute directory locations needed updating: C:\users\<old pc username>\... needed to be updated to C:\users\<new pc username>\... So I did that first. Tried opening the file, again no luck.


                                                                2. Then, funnily enough, I found a reference to the "I-Frame Only MPEG" codec. I tried changing the reference to "Microsoft AVI". No luck. So I decided to open a working project and found the reference to "Microsoft AVI.epr". I copied the entire tag from <Properties Version="1"> to </Properties> and pasted it into my non-working .pproj file. Viola. It works fine now.


                                                                I hope this helps someone.

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                                                                  maltaannon Level 1

                                                                  I'm using CS6 in the Could and this is the first time I had this problem. If this is trully related to "Back to trial mode" issue, as many of you describe, than you're lucky, if you're in CS6 using the Creative Cloud. All I had to do is to close Premiere and open it again. It eventually asked me to "continue trial" or "purchace the license" (this is normal in the cloud - it sometimes asks that). I logged in with my account and after restarting Premiere everything is back to normal.


                                                                  As an interesting note - before I got the dialog to "continue trial" I created a new project and I had hardly any presets in the "Create sequence" dialog box (that pops up right after you start a new project). I picked a random preset for the sequence, got the "Login to cloud / purchace license" dialog, logged it, restarted, and it all works.

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                                                                    I had this problem when a friend with CS 5 shared his prproj with me. I have CS 5.5 so though it wasn't expected - there were compatability issues. My premiere just wouldn't open his prproj though I could "import" it. Once the import was complete, I couldn't open the resulting prproj either.


                                                                    The solution was to replace this line in my prproj file:


                                                                    <MZ.Sequence.PreviewRenderingPresetPath>EncoderPresets\SequencePreview\9678af98-a7b7-4bdb- b477-7ac9c8df4a4e\I-Frame Only MPEG.epr</MZ.Sequence.PreviewRenderingPresetPath>


                                                                    With this:


                                                                    <MZ.Sequence.PreviewRenderingPresetPath>EncoderPresets\SequencePreview\9678af98-a7b7-4bdb- b477-7ac9c8df4a4e\P2 1080i-1080p 50Hz DVCPROHD.epr</MZ.Sequence.PreviewRenderingPresetPath>


                                                                    I guess my computer didn't have the "I-Frame Only MPEG.epr" preview codec so instead of choosing a different one, premiere just refused to open the prproj. If you still have trouble opening then perhaps you should look at a prproj you have no trouble opening and copy the PreviewRenderingPresetPath from there.

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                                                                      jodaboda1 Level 1

                                                                      I was able to fix this issue. 


                                                                      Uninstalled PP.  Reinstalled.

                                                                      INSTALLED 6.1 UPDATE FROM ADOBE.

                                                                      INSTALL "PremierePro_6_Content_LS7" (BONUS CONTENT/FEATURES).



                                                                      After this, it worked right away.  Files that previously wouldn't open would now open, and sequence previews were available in the additional formats.  (The solution above about editing the prproj file manually didn't work for me).

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                                                                        problem 2.jpg

                                                                        I've had the same problem, managed to get into the file now but I'm getting this message. Can anyone shed any light?