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    Extract font from an image


      Hi all,


      I'm new to AI and am trying to edit a PDF file (which I'm gonna attach) created with AI. There's a text (NATURALLY RAISED CLOTHING) in this PDF (as part of the image) that I need to either edit or duplicate with the same font and size. I didn't think I could edit it so I tried to duplicate it and then edit it. My problem is that I can't find the right font. Is there some way to find out what font has been used? Also I want the new text to be as wide as the current one so is there any way to stretch or align text with other objects (on both sides)?



      Thanks so much.




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          gprobst Level 2

          The text in your PDF seems to have been converted to outlines, already, so I'm not sure if there's an easy way to identify the font. You might try converting to jpg and using a font identifier such as http://new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/. According to that method, your font is Avenir Black. The WhatTheFont forums there are a good resource for font identification, as well, if you can't get the font identifier to give you an accurate match.

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            AI_in-training Level 1

            Thank you for the response. I don't see Avenir Black in AI font options. Do I have to add the font? If yes, then how? Also none of the fonts I tried in AI had clear letters like the ones in my PDF (look at the attachment, the other font is Arial btw). Is there a trick to make them look that way?

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              gprobst Level 2

              If you don't have the Avenir Black font, you will need to purchase it. Adobe has this font available for $29 at

              http://store1.adobe.com/cfusion/store/html/index.cfm?store=OLS-US&event=displayFont&code=A VEQ10095000


              The reason that your letters look the way they do in your example is because they have a 1-pt stroke applied to them. You need to adjust your fill and stroke colors for your text. If you want the text to be gray, then your fill color should be gray and you should turn off your stroke (set it to transparent/no-stroke). Currently, you have the fill set to black and the stroke set to gray. I've attached a couple of screencaps to help you out.

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                Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If you need the font then you will need to purchase it. Try fonts.com but be warned fonts can be expensive.

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                  AI_in-training Level 1

                  Thank you gprobst. I changed the stroke and fill and was able to use a different font. Now is there a way to stretch the text from both sides so
                  the new text that is shorter in length could become as wide as the original text?  Let's assume for example that I want to change "Naturally Raised Clothing" to "Naturally Organic".  Another thing is I noticed that in original text each letter had an anchor. I'm not sure if I need it but I couldn't
                  replicate it.  What is the benefit of that and if it's beneficial, how can I accomplish that? The reason I'm asking this is in the original text each
                  letter was really distinctive from the next and although changing the stroke as you recommended made it close, but it still doesn't look as
                  distinctive as the original. It's like adjacent letters have half a space between them if you know what I mean. It's more than the usual space
                  and less then one full space.  I appreciate your help (or anybody else's for that matter)



                  Thanks again.

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                    gprobst Level 2

                    You can adjust the horizontal spacing between characters using the Character Palette (access this through the main menu Window>Type>Character or keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd-T). See attached. A higher value will result in a larger space in between characters, and vice-versa.


                    Each individual character in your original PDF had its own anchor due to the fact that the the text had been converted to outlines (if I remember correctly). You can achieve a similar effect by selecting the text and then going to Type>Create Outlines (keyboard shortcut Shift-Ctrl/Cmd-O) and then ungrouping the text outlines. This will give you indvidual control over the each character/glyph, but the characters/glyph will no longer function as text, per se, since they have essentially been converted to shape objects that maintain the same shape as your font. So, the Character Palette (along with any other Type tools) will no longer be applicable to your text after you convert it using Create Outlines.

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                      Skullmaker Level 3

                      Hello Ai_in-training,


                      If you open the PDF file go to the main menu: File + Properties.


                      In this window, select the "Font" Tab and you will se the name of the font (MyriadPro-Regular)


                      I think this font comes with Mac and PC computers.


                      I hope this helps!

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                        gprobst Level 2

                        Hi Skullmaker,


                        Myriad Pro Regular is the font used for the text in the slug area, which hasn't been converted to outlines. The O.P. was looking for a way to identify the font for the "Naturally Raised Clothing" text in the artwork, which has been converted to outlines, and unfortunately the font information associated with it was lost when that happened.

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                          Skullmaker Level 3

                          Hello Gprobst,


                          You are right. I made the mistake of not opening the file in Illustrator. And you are right about the font (it is Avenir Black). Thank you for correcting me!