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    PDF Files from InDesign much larger than Quark->Distiller, why?

    MLMorgan85 Level 1

      We've recently switched our publishing workflow for one of our pubs from Quark to InDesign, and are having issues with PDFs being really large. Previously, the pub would be PS'd out of QXP6.52 and then ran through our Distiller service at Press Ready quality settings. The resulting PDF files were 4-6mb (This is only a 2-page pub).


      Now, moving to InDesign, we PDF directly from InDesign (or I've also tried PSing and then Distilling), and using Press Ready Quality settings still -- the resultant PDF files are 15-16mb. Can anyone theorize as to what would create such a large difference between the two?


      This is using a few issues of the pub - not just one instance, as well.