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    CS3 with Codec MainConcept DVCPro HD CODEC v7 7 0 23862 rar - can't import AVCHD (m2ts files)




      I have a Panasonic hdc-sd9 and just looking for a programm with which I can import the AVCHD (m2ts files).


      I saw here( http://www.videoaktiv.de/200805171688/News/Camcorder/Panasonic-Broadcast-AVCHD-goes-profes sional.html ) that Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 with the Codec MainConcept DVCPro HD CODEC should work for the Panasonic File Format.


      I have saved one video as a mpg file. I imported it to Premiere Pro CS3. I could import the mpg File but I had not audio sound in Premiere Pro CS3, but the mpg movie, for example when I start the movie in Windows Media Player or VLC there is sound.


      Somebody can help me or provide me another programm which work?


      Do somebody have the same problem ?