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    Exporting an avi out of premiere cs4 from a tiff sequence (1024 x 576)


      Hi i would be so greatful if someone could inform me of the correct setting becouse at the moment the avi i export seems to not be wide enough.


      I have a tiff sequence renderd out from after effects at 1024 x 576 and set to square pixels. i am required to then take this into premiere and render out as a microsoft avi with the compression set to none. i also need to add a sound file to this the movie.


      i begin by setting up a new sequence and as i cant seem to set the size to 1024x576 i have selected the preset widescreen 48khz (not 100% if this is right) i then bring both my tiff sequence(1024x576) and my music on to the time line, i the click export and media :screen shot.jpg  Here is the settings on the screen and as you can see in the preview widow the size seems to look about right. However once the movie has been exported it does not appear as wide as this.



      i would be so greatfull if you can tell if i am doing anything wrong.