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    TileList - Custom ItemRenderer - scroll issue

    big4head Level 1

      I have a TileList with a custom ItemRenderer that misbehaves when it scrolls: one tile (the last tile rendered when viewed initially) stays fixed in place as a "ghost" image (it is not clickable like the other tiles) and sits over the other scrolled items. The spot the ghost tile should be in is vacant until it scrolls off the screen and then scrolls back into view. If you scroll up just one row then back down again the TileList works properly (weird, I know).

      The Tilelist is added as the child of a Canvas on a state change and has a custom Itemrenderer with an image, text fields and a background  image. The code is very simple:

      <mx:TileList direction = "horizontal" width = "166" height = "345" columnCount = "2" dataProvider = "{favoritesList}" itemRenderer = "com.clickety.fe.gui.renderers.Thumbnail" backgroundAlpha = "0.0" borderStyle = "none"/>

      Any help is appreciated and will help save my hair and sanity. A screenshot is attached.