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    empty binaryData by applyUsageRights

    C.Rohr Level 1


      i use the Quick Start: Applying usage rights using the web service API with Visual Studio 2003.

      The funktion applyUsageRights seems to work but i get no usable returndata. The binaryData of the return BLOB is in Debugmode always <undefined value>., the attachmentID is null and remoteURL is "http://localhost:8080/DocumentManager/docm1251117661041/bc8be8c311d29a136491a99eba33d431?t ype=YXBwbGljYXRpb24vcGRm"


      Where is the problem? I have tried an normal pdf-Dokument and pdf-form as input also. Both has the same result.


      Thanks for all replies, Cornelius.