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    Can not hear audio in published project (or previewed project)


      Hi there,


      I have listed my problem along with some details below. I would really appreciate any assistance or suggestions as I have already searched the forums and not come to any solution.


      Problem: I can not hear audio in my published project

      • Preview > "Play this Slide" (F3): I can hear the audio in each slide perfectly well
      • Preview > "Project" (F4): I can not hear any audio
      • Publish > flash player 9 selected... I click on the generated html page, the project plays but I can not hear any audio


      Already tried:

      • Edit > Preferences > Project Node >"Include audio when project is generated" (yes, its checked)
      • Outputting to flash player 8 and 7...still no audio to be heard
      • Generating an "autorun for CD"...still no audio to be heard



          • Captivate 3.0 Build 580 (windows XP)
          • Adobe Flash Player (I'm assuming version 10 can play .swf generated for version 9...?)
          • Firefox 3.5.2


        Thank-you in advance,