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    I'm bad at actionscript...


      Hello everyone, my name is RTL_Shadow. I've been trying to learn flash actionscript for a while now, however, the problem is, I'm terrible at it. So far I've just barely managed to make a game, if you could call it that. It's called "The button Game" and it simply involves clicking a button, and each time you click it a message appears, it's pretty much a total knockoff of that game "Don't push the button" if you've ever played it you'll see how similar they are. To be honest, I'm simply not creative enough to come up with my own ideas.


      Along with that simple game, I've made a couple of tutorials, I call them "Shadow's Flash Tips" however, the tutorials are, addmitedly, pretty cruddy. I didn't spend enough time on them to fix the "back" button and music overlapping. I guess I shouldn't teach people flash if i don't even know how it work myself, heh.


      Anyway, bottom line, I'm wondering how a total flash newbie such as myself can learn how to make cool games, that way I can start realeasing stuff that's actually good!


      If you wan't to see my work so far, you can check out my kongregate profile, here's the link: