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    getting sharper image text export to jpg


      HI Guys, this is my first post.


      I have an ai file, that reresents my clients logo.


      I need to export the file to a jpg, gif or any other web compatible format.


      here is the address part of the jpg export:


      is there any way of getting it sharper, it seems too blurry, I need to add this as an email signature later.


      has anyone got any ideas? It seems that anti-aliasing is giving a light blue.


      I have attached the ai

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          PrepressPro1 Level 4

          Have you tired using the Save for Web function to see what the file will look like before you save as .png or other formats? The other thing is it's only just over an inch and a half wide. You might try enlarging the live type which will not change the source file quality, and reduce the size in the Save for Web dialog. You have to consider where this is being viewed, It's the web and 72dpi type at 1.5" is not going to look great if you zoom in on each letter.

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            djdn Level 1



            I have increased my AI document size (artboard) to 78cm together with the textual (width 77cm), generated a jpg with image reduction (in web export dialogue) and got this.


            also i viewed this (4-up) before saving and this was the best result available, but still too fuzzy.



            the above in b&w still fuzzy but not as bad, do you think it is my fill colour selection?


            thanks again.

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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              JPEG is not the right web (or similar) format for text or anything else that is meant to be sharp, especially when there is not a great multitude of colours.


              The right format is PNG, or if you wish to please visitors with old (IE) browsers GIF.


              The image should have Anti-Aliasing ticked (it is, or were in older version, hidden in the Image Size window), and you may tick Transparency to be able to just place it on a background colour/image (for GIF use the average background colour as Matte).

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                The way antialiasing works, the blend colors do affect it, but that's beside the point. The font you are using is simply a bit skinny and AI is the wrong program. You'd get much better results by using Photoshop or Flash and picking a different antialiasing algorithm in those programs' text options, plus you may be able to accentuate contours with layer styles to prevent them from looking degenerated.