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    a keyword is now in italics


      Folks -  Sorry to be peppering the forum with questions, but if the Help menu of Bridge was even halfway helpful I wouldn't have to.


      I see that a keyword is currently in Italics.  I thought I had deleted it and instead it is not deletable as all the options are grayed out.  What does the italics imply, and how can I remove this keyword?


      Many thx in advance.

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          Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          When you see a keyword listed in Italics it means that it is still assigned to at least one image. In other words, you deleted the keyword from the list, not the images to which it was assigned.


          The easiest way to find the image or images is to look at the keyword panel on the left side of Bridge (see screenshot). All assigned keywords for the folder of images you're viewing will be listed. Find the unwanted keyword and click on it to filter down to only those images that use that keyword. Select all of them then go back to the right side keyword panel. The unwanted keyword should still be italic, but will contain a checkmark. When you remove the checkmark the keyword is removed from the images. Once it has been removed from your images it should be possible to permanently remove it from the list.




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            skinnc Level 1

            Thank you, Ian for explaining in detail. Got it!

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              Anita Dennis Level 1

              Help for using keywords in Bridge is at Apply keywords to files. An explanation for italicized keywords is in a topic on that page, Manage keywords.