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    Error while attempting to use the CSSFormatResolver Class in Flash CS4

    H_mike Level 1



      While trying to work with a revised version of the CSSFormatResolver class (created by timoisalive and posted on this thread) the compiler threw the following error:


      1061: Call to a possibly undefined method getChildAtIndex through a reference with static type flashx.textLayout.elements:FlowGroupElement.


      The method originates from within the invalidate() method of the CSSFormatResolver class.


      public function invalidate(target:Object):void {       

           delete _textLayoutFormatCache[target];      

           var blockElem:FlowGroupElement = target as FlowGroupElement;      

           if(blockElem) {          

                for(var idx:int = 0; idx < blockElem.numChildren; idx++)                          invalidate(blockElem.getChildAtIndex(idx));          




      If I comment the for loop I can get the example to run, but that seems to seriously affect the way the styles are interpreted...


      The example files are attached below.


      Any suggestions?

      Thank you in advance.