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    External swf buttons


      I have a player which I have created with play/pause, rewind, forward buttons, and a progress bar on it. How can I link these buttons to carry out actions on an externally loaded movie?
      I have searched on the forum and can only find answers for buttons for embedded movies. Can anyone help?
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          ggshow Level 2
          it depend on how you load the external swf,
          loadMovie? loadMovieNum?
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            Dibble1000 Level 1
            I was loading the movie by clicking on a button which was linked to the external movie.

            To do this I:
            Click on the button. In Behaviours - select Movieclip, Load external Movieclip, Entering the .swf file I want to load, selecting the root level.
            This resulted in the button having the on Release Event and Load External Movieclip Action.
            When I imported my external movie onto a page I was using: Progressive Download from Server, and a supplied Flash skin.

            I now have to use a skin provided by the client and cannot get the buttons to function.
            I am presumming that I add the custom skin to each external movie I load as before, but I cannot get the skin to display when I publish - I am adding the skin as skinname.swf?
            How do I get the buttons to work?

            This has me bamboozled!
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              ggshow Level 2
              if you load the movie to root, your current content on root are actually replaced.
              i suggest you create an empty movie clip on your root, and load the external swf to that empty movie clip.

              try this
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                ActivEdit Level 1

                ggshow, I'm having the same problem. I'm loading my .swfs into a Loader component using the movieClipLoader class. I'd like the viewer to be able to play, pause and stop the external .swf.


                I tried to download your example but it was gone...could you re-up it? thx!