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    Lossless Video Pipeline In Premiere Pro


      Hi all,


      I am making a short clip for a charity event in Premiere Pro (version 4.1).


      I have lossless audio (wav) and video (avi, with raw rgb frames created in after effects) clips that I am using throughout the clip, along with some other lower quality video clips with limited range video.


      I am attempting to output the clip in RGB24, uncompressed, with full range video luminance.


      The most important parts of the clip are the lossless avi's, but when rendered to uncompressed video (Using video codec none, or another lossless codec I use), the resulting clip is slightly blockier than the original avi.


      Bot input and output avi's are the exact same dimensions, 1024 x 768, 60fps, frame blend off..... I expected these parts of the output file to match perfectly with the input but when pausing the clip, its noticibly different in areas, slight blockyness.


      My question is why would this happen.... is Premiere doing some colorspace conversion unnecessarily perhaps? All I want is these RGB24 frames mapped straight from input to output with no changes.. I can worry about luminance ranges of the limited range clips later, as I will probably need to figure out how to make sure these get converted to full range before being output into the final clip....


      Thanks for any help, the event is on sept 19th so hopefully can get it right by then as it will be shown on huge projected screens.