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    Encore CS4, Windows 7 (beta) + Blu-ray = blam!

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      Anyone else testing on Windows 7 (beta) seen this? On Win7, I've had no issues with Encore through 3 DVD projects, and rendering with After Effects to both MPEG-2 (DVD) and H-264 (Blu-ray 1280x720) has been fast (at least 3x faster than Encore on Vista), but the instant I choose "Blu-ray" from the Build menu, or import a H.264 asset, everything in Windows 7 freezes and I have to do a hard reboot. It's the only Windows 7 major issue I've had so far.

      I've been able to reliable replicate this at least 4 times - start Windows 7 64-bit, open Encore CS4 (fully updated), create a brand new Blu-ray project, and (since the first screen I see says "Build DVD") change the Build drop-down to DVD and - oops, the mouse is frozen, the CPU's pretty much stopped... no, it IS stopped or in some loop or something, but Windows is frozen.

      I'm not expecting Adobe support, but hopefully they can remedy this in the future and - a warning - close all your apps before you try this on your machine. If I switch over to Vista Ultimate 32-bit, I can do the whole blu-ray project through to burning with no errors (I still prefer to transcode in AE, Encore is a slug), but I can't get past that drop-down on Windows 7. Odd.

      My specs: 8GB RAM, Q6600, oodles of HD space, CS4 Master Collection, all latest revs and patches.