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    Lightroom Keeps Reloading

    David MMMM Level 1

      After I have done an edit in Photoshop from Lightroom and save the Tiff so that the edited file is back in Lightroom, the preview keeps reloading in the Develop module.  An ideas how to stop this?

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          J McWilliams Level 4

          Switch to Library mode!


          But do you mean the preview of the original RAW, or a preview of the edited TIFF? Are you unable to select other images?

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            David MMMM Level 1

            It is the preview of the edited Tiff that keeps reloading.  It keeps 

            doing this while I am trying to do further editing in Lightroom, which 

            is annoying and slows down the editing.

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              J McWilliams Level 4

              Are you doing batch processing? Could PS be finishing up some action and sending it to LR? I can't figure out what else would cause LR to interrupt your working on one image with another. Could you describe in a bit more detail what happens?

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                David MMMM Level 1

                No batch processing.  No actions.  Typical PS edits are distortion 

                filter, cloning and healing.





                1. From Lightroom: after some processing of RAW file, send to 

                Photoshop out of Lightroom through "edit a copy with Lightroom 

                adjustments" as a Tiff or psd. The Tiff or psd shows up in PS and in 

                Lightroom in the thumbnails and as a full-sized preview image, stacked 

                with the original RAW.


                2. After editing in PS, I save the file (not Save As) and the PS edits 

                are reflected in Lightroom.


                3. Close the PS image.


                3. After the view of the large preview and the thumbnail of this image 

                in Lightroom reload to reflect the PS edits, this view keeps reloading 

                periodically for no apparent reason, which slows down doing further 

                Lightroom work with this image.

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                  J McWilliams Level 4

                  I would quit LR, and reopen with the Option key (mac) and the equiv. Windows key down to bring up the dialog that lets you optimize the catalog. If no joy on relaunch, try deleting LR Prefs. How to locate Preferences files in LR

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                    David MMMM Level 1

                    Tried deleting LR prefs already.  Will try the other suggestion and 

                    report back.  Thanks.

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                      David MMMM Level 1

                      Not sure what you mean by optimizing the catalog. When I open LR with 

                      the option key down I get a box for selecting the catalog location or 

                      creating a new catalog.

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                        Pete Marshall Level 4

                        David MMMM wrote:


                        Not sure what you mean by optimizing the catalog.

                        Go to edit, catalog settings, relaunch and optimise

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                          David MMMM Level 1

                          Thanks.  I just discovered this, except it is under Lightroom--Catalog 

                          SettingsGeneralRelaunch and Optimize.  We'll see what happens now.

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                            David MMMM Level 1

                            Okay, I think I have solved the problem.  It seems that for a couple 

                            months, photos imported into Lightroom have been going into two 

                            separate folders on the same computer.  These are not duplicate 

                            files.  These are the same files showing up in two different folders.  

                            Please pardon my ignorance, but how can I delete one of these folders 

                            without deleting the files if both folders contain the same files?

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                              JL Garcia Com Level 1

                              Ligtroom 3, Photoshop CS4, Vista SP2

                              I scanned abot 90 slides and saved in TIFF format and I wanted to use Lightroom to manage and edit some adjustments to them, but some editings are best done in Photoshop like removing dirt spots and hairs, they are too much in some cases and makes impractical to do that in Lightroom.

                              So I imported the TIFF files in Lightroom and started to do some adjustments (color and contrast mainly) and when I get to a picture that needs to be edited in Photoshop I type Ctrl+E and opened (Edit original no Lightroom adjustments, no duplicate). I did the necessary editing in Photoshop then save the file.


                              Now, back in Lightroom I noted that this file losses any adjustment prior the file being sent to Photoshop. Then in Development it displays that is Loading the image and the adjustment controls to the right are greyed. After that, if I made some adjustment it reloads the image, and again and in every adjustment.


                              Throwing away the preview and doing it again at full size didn't help either.


                              I did the optimization you have mentioned here and there is no change. The only thing that works is relaunching Lightroom, totally impractical I think.


                              Thanks for any help.

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                                I have the same problem.  While editing images, the image keeps reloading time and time again, interrupting my editing and in some cases, causing a loss of adjustments made prior to the "reload".  I read about this problem here, and also, in other forums.  I think I have found a fix/work-around, although I don't really like it.  If you turn off the option to automatically write changes into XMP in the catalog settings, the problem seems to disappear.


                                I wish someone at Adobe could report this as a problem, and try to fix it prior to the next maintenance release (I'm using LR 3 by the way).


                                Kenny in NJ

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                                  sarangiman Level 1

                                  I'd like to report that I also have the same problem after upgrading to LR 3. I also 'write changes to sidecar XMP'.


                                  Anytime I open an image from LR --> PS, then save it from PS, even if I quit PS, LR keeps reloading the image over and over ad nauseam. Which makes it impossible to edit the file (especially when it's a 300MB film scan, LOL). I have to quit LR to get it working again.


                                  Please someone look into this b/c it's unacceptable to have to quit both LR & PS every single time I make an edit to an image in PS!



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                                    Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    Rishi, have you updated to 3.2 or 3.3RC, or are you still on 3.0?

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                                      sarangiman Level 1

                                      3.3RC. Turned off 'write to sidecar XMP' option & haven't had the problem since.


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                                        Same problem since upgrading from Lightroom 2.X to 3.3

                                        I edit a lot of photos externally in PTLensEdit, then when developing the photo it keeps reloading the photo on every adjustment as described above.

                                        ONLY happens on externally edited photos.  Very annoying.


                                        My current workaround is to make a virtual copy of the edited photo, and develop that.

                                        The virtual copy does not suffer from the continual reloading problem.

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                                          sarangiman Level 1

                                          It's because you have sidecar XMPs enabled. I had to, grudgingly, turn that off.




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                                            SkyePN Level 1

                                            Disabling sidecar XMP is not a reason, it's a workaround for a LR3 bug.

                                            Anyway I'm editing JPG files not RAW - there are no XMP files being generated.

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                                              sarangiman Level 1

                                              sure it's not a reason, it's a workaround. i agree. which is why i

                                              said 'grudgingly'.


                                              xmp files are generated for any image, not just raw. it's how LR

                                              tracks edits to your image, including JPEGs, if you enable the sidecar



                                              why don't you turn it off & restart LR & see if the problem persists?


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                                                SkyePN Level 1

                                                Restarting LR fixes the reload problem, however I have 300+ photos to edit by Friday so doing that after every edit is just too slow.  My workaround of using virtual copies of edited photos is the best workaround for me, for now.

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                                                  sarangiman Level 1

                                                  Can you answer me this simple question:


                                                  Under Catalog Settings, do you have 'automatically write changes into

                                                  XMP' checked or not?

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                                                    Here we are, 6 months since the last post and 2 years since the first, now at Lightroom version 3.4.1, and this problem still exists.  The edit function that bothers me the most with this is cropping.  It is very annoying and frustrating to have the image expand, contract and jump around for 2 or 3 seconds while reloading everytime I make an adjustment to the crop rectangle.  Yes, the couple of workarounds, using virtual copies and not writing to XMP files, work, but are not acceptable for long term use.  It seems to me that not writing to XMP files defeats the purpose of having a non-destructive editor if you can't save the changes as you go.  I hope Adobe eventually fixes this, but maybe they are leaving it until LR 4 is available, if they are even paying attention to this forum.

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                                                      And here we are three years after the initial post, and the problem is still exactly the same. My routine work-around is also making a virtual copy of the edited file, to be able to do further edits in LR without constant reloading.

                                                      Dear Adobe, I sincerely think it is about time that you fixed this problem. I am sure that thousands of people must be annoyed by it on daily basis.

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                                                        Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                        This is a user to user forum and Adobe employees don't follow this too carefully.  Might I recommend creating a problem report on the Official Feature Request/Bug Report Forum where it will be seen by the engineers and tracked properly?


                                                        And a couple of questions for my own understanding of the issue:


                                                        1.  Do you see it with 'automatically write to xmp' disabled?


                                                        2.  Do you still see it if you flick to a different photo and then flick back, having given it a few seconds to write to xmp?

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                                                          JCHolcomb47 Level 1

                                                          Although I had reported this same issue a year ago while still using Lightroom 3.6, I have not seen it in Lightroom 4.  When I upgraded to LR4, I left my catalog settings set to NOT automatically write changes to xmp files, but when I saw these last two replies, I decided to try it again.  I just did that, and it seems to work fine.  The xmp files seem to be written to in the background, and I don't see any affect on the editing process.  LR4.1 is still a bit slower than 3.6, but it's still fast enough for most of what I do.  I'm glad this issue appears to be fixed.

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                                                            R Owens Level 3

                                                            No, not fixed in 4.2RC...........just checked.

                                                            Turning off "automatically write to xmp" does not always help. Here that did nothing.

                                                            The problem is the tiff file that LR writes when using an external editor or when ACR is not up to date with LR.

                                                            If Photoshop writes the tiff coming back to LR, there is no problem in LR, no blinkies, no "Loading".

                                                            The problem only occurs when LR writes the tiff file. I have not tried it with PSD.

                                                            I haven't tried creating a VC to work on, I just close and reopen the program......voila...no more blinkies.


                                                            I have posted this twice in bug reports, the first time back in 3.x something. This started about 3.0.


                                                            And for the record, I also think this bug is long overdue. It seems to have the lifespan of a cockroach.



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                                                              Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                              R Owens wrote:

                                                              I have posted this twice in bug reports, the first time back in 3.x something. This started about 3.0.


                                                              Great, have you got a link please?  You'll be able to access it from your bug report forum profile.  I couldn't find it so I was obviously searching on the wrong words.

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                                                                JCHolcomb47 Level 1

                                                                Back on Sep. 20th, I had reported that this problem seemed to have gone away, but R Owens came back and said it had not.  I now realize R Owens is correct; I think I had not been working with the files in the way that produces the problem, or else the problem now manifests it self in a more limited way.  I just ran a couple of tests that illustrates the issue clearly.  This is while running Lightroom 4.2 with Camera RAW 7.2 and Photoshop CS5 version 12.0.4 with Camera RAW version


                                                                If I open a .CR2 file in Photoshop, I am asked whether to Render Using Lightroom or Open Anyway.  If I render with LR, the resulting TIF file will reload each time I manipulate it in the LR Develop module.  For example, using the crop tool, each time I resize the crop rectangle, or move the image within the rectangle, the file reloads, which takes a couple of seconds and is very annoying, as well as time consuming when it happens 7 or 8 times.  However, if I choose "Open Anyway," the resulting TIF file does not display this behavior.   Evidently this does has something to do with the incompatibilty between ACR versions in Lightroom and Photoshop.  Turning off Automatically write changes to xmp also stops this from happening, at least for me.  I also found that TIF files generated by exporting directly to TIF from Lightroom do not have this problem. 


                                                                So it's relatively easy to bypass this problem by converting to TIF first, or open in Photoshop without using Lightroom's current Camera RAW version, but is still something that shouldn't happen anyway.

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                                                                  REDennis Level 1

                                                                  I am now having this problem with new Lightroom CC.  Never happened to me before.  I always have catalogs set to write to XMP, as is the case now.  Its a new catalog with only a couple of hundred images in it. Very frustrating.


                                                                  Its happening on a TIF file I created in SilverEFX2 from a Nikon NEFfile.

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                                                                    johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                                                                    A number of people have reported these symptoms.  Please add your vote and lots of details to this bug report in the official Adobe feedback forum: BUG: LightRoom 6 TIFF file reloads after each Develop edit, potential data loss