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    How to play .swf files ?

    Boblawyer Level 1

      I have some .swf files on my WIndows PC that I want to play.

      The instructions on a website said to:

      ". . . play your flash files using the Adobe Standalone Flash Player. For this you will first need to Download the Windows Flash Player 9 Projector content debugger from the Adobe Site [Freeware].
      There is NO installation needed. Just open the downloaded .exe and open your .swf from within the Projector.
      In order to associate all .swf files to open using the Projector, right click the .swf file and "Open with" option. Once there, choose the location of your Projector.exe and you are done."

      This worked ONCE. The next time I logged on, the computer could not play the files.

      I'm thinking that this is because the programs referred to were not running.

      So - how do I (i) find the programs on my PC and then (ii) create shortcuts so I can run them when I want ? I prefer not to have them automatically load at startup.

      Thank you.

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          Count Trackula Level 1

          I'm using Quicktime.  Select quicktime from list when you double click the .swf file.   I would like to see some answer as to how to do it with Shockwave Player though as I was trying to do this too.

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            train922 Level 1

            Here is what I did and it worked.  I am running Flash CS4, but never installed the standalone flash player that comes with the program.

            I solved my own problem with some of the other comments.  I used the uninstall_flash_player.exe file from the Adobe site to uninstall any previous Flash Players, then went to the Flash CS4 folders, found the Players folder, opened that folder and found the FlashPlayer.exe file and installed this file.  All my problems went away and all of my existing SWF files now play in this player.  I don't know if this works for anyone else, but it sure worked for me.

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              BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

              Flash Player is a browser plugin. It's not designed to work as a standalone app for opening FLV or SWF.  The standalone player EXE is a different animal.

              Folks who don't own Flash Professional aren't going to have a standalone player.


              For windows users, the Standalone player installer is in the archived players technote here:


              However, it's not an application. It's just an EXE. You have to launch it, then use File> Open to open the local SWF.   You can also keep it on your desktop and drag/drop SWF content to it.

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                antonjudes Level 1

                I just Drag and Drop in Google Chrome.. it works..:D