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    gluegen wrapper returning String or Array

    Robert Stehwien Community Member
      How can I setup a wrapper function to return a String or Array. In my wrapper.gg file I'd like to have something like:
      public function mystrcat(str1:String, str2:String):String
      char *ret = strcat(str1, str2);
      return ret;

      public function myarrayfunc():Array
      int a[10];
      return a;
      Do I need to stuff the data in a ByteArray or something like that?
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          Have you had any progress on this subject over the last 2 months?

          Strings should work as you have described I think...

          For arrays: Below are a couple of functions I wrote which will wrap short integer arrays. However, due to the nature of the alchemy API (with variable arguments) I couldn't figure out how to write them for any sized array... It may be more efficient to use ByteArrays than to do it this way... the as3_crypto_wrapper has some useful functions for ByteArrays.

          Possibly you could download the source for the implementations of the type converting functions and modify the arguments to take arrays of values.

          Hopefully this helps... :)

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            joesteele Adobe Employee
            You should be able to just return an AS3_Val.
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              Jens Wegar Community Member

              I've got trouble getting Strings to work within a gg wrapper. I tried adding the following within a gluegen file (note there are no pure c-code blocks, only the pseudo-AS):


              public function getString():String {
                  return AS3_String("hello");


              running gluegen with the following:

              gluegen libharu.gg -oc hpdf.c -oas ../src/alchemy/hpdf/hpdf.as -cpackage cmodule.hpdf -package alchemy.hpdf -class hpdf


              and the compiling using:

              gcc hpdf.c -O3 -swc -o hpdf.swc


              But all I get is errors about some conflicting gg_string type and warnings about incompatible pointer types?


              ibharu.gg: In function 'impl_getString':
              libharu.gg:11: warning: return from incompatible pointer type
              libharu.gg: In function 'thunk_getString':
              libharu.gg:10: warning: return makes pointer from integer without a cast
              libharu.gg: At top level:
              libharu.gg:12: error: conflicting types for 'gg_string'
              libharu.gg:10: error: previous implicit declaration of 'gg_string' was here

              However, if I change the code as follows everything compiles fine, and I'm able to use the produced swc in Flex:


              public function getString():Array {
                   return AS3_Array("StrType", "hey there");

              So basically, all I've done is returned an AS3_Array instead of AS3_String. Since my C-skills are limited and about 10 years old, I might be missing something very trivial here, but can anyone help me spot what it is? I'm compiling on OS X 10.5.7