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    Still need help :(

    shanty hill productions

      Okay, so I stuck it out on hold with tech support and after a total of about 4 different tries and about 5 hours later

      I now have my software activated and functional.......mostly.


      Now I have a new issue, which I noticed before I was able to activate it, and I thought would be resolved after I got the

      activation taken care of, but I was mistaken.


      The only "tool" I have is the pen tool.  No selection tool, no razer, none of them but the pen.


      Not much I can do without them.


      Again, thank you guys for your help you have definitely gotten me through this mess.


      In the end it was the clean script --several times and patience with tech support that

      finally fixed my mess.  And you were right, the music is loud!!! I put it on speaker phone and

      covered it with a towel!


      Have a great day everyone