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    flexunit ant triggered FlexUnitRunnerUI stops mid-test

    Phil Leggetter

      I've spent around a day stuck on a problem where I run my unit tests from my build script and they stop in the middle of executing tests. After a bit of investigation it seem that if you have muliple tests that extend TestCase (or in our actualy project MockitoTestCase) this can happen.


      I've attached a modified FlexUnit4SampleCIProject with the following:


      EchoPanelTest.as extends TestCase

      EchoPanelTest2.as original EchoPanelTest from SVN

      EchoPanelTest3.as extends TestCase

      EchoPanelTest4.as extends TestCase


      If you run ant on the build.xml the UI Runner gets as far as test:


      Case EchoPanelTest4

      Function testBlah5


      But no further.


      If you then comment out testBlah3 to testBlah5 in EchoPanelTest4 and run the ant build it completes.


      There appears to be a problem with:


      1) Extending TestCase (or MockitoTestCase)

      2) Having a certain number of tests within one test file.


      Has anybody any idea what is causing the UI to stop mid-test?




      Phil Leggetter