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    Issues with Adobe LifeCycle Designer & SAP Netweaver

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      I m using Adobe Lifecycle Designer 7.0 with SAP NetWeaver 7.0.11 on Windows XP.I m facing these 2 problems in that.

      1. I have few subforms in my form & for those i have set Auto fit property as true,Expand to fit property is true ,Allow multiple lines property is true ,Allow Page breaks within content property is true & the layout is flow content.
      If the complete data for 1 subform is shown in same page,it shows the complete data but if the data is split into more than 1 pages,its showing the data in both pages but it truncates 2-3 lines at the end.I m not sure what can be the problem?

      2. While using Flow content ,i m not able to put some blank spaces between 2 subforms.

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          Hi Sumit,


          You have probably worked this out by now but just in case anyone else has this problem (I remember how frustrating it was):

          Just to point out this has nothing to do with NetWeaver (apart from the LiveCycle version it is using) only with LiveCycle.

          Page flow will only occur within the parent subform so if you have an subform that is flowed it can only flow within the parent and if the parent is static (or positioned) then the child subform will appear to be cut off as it flows within its parent.

          To be able to flow over pages you need to have all the parent objects right up the chain to the sub form that represents your page to be flowed as well.

          The next challenge is to be able to position things the way you want them and flow your content. This is where you need to get a creative mix of positioned and flowed elements within your layout to achieve your goals.


          Relating to the second question you can use the margin attributes to create space between two flowed objects.


          Hope this helps (someone...)


          Ben Patterson

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            Hi There!


            Have you found a solution to this???


            I am facing the EXACT same problem but cant get it resloved.  PLEASE forward your awnser to Christiaan.Pistorius@lonmin.com


            Kind Regards,



            Aouth Africa