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    Change States using Menu Bar


      I am new to flex. The first website I made I used states for navigation. I made states for another small site I am working on.

      This is the problem I have, I need to change states using the MenuBar. I know I should listen for clickevents but I am not sure how to do the

      linking. Most online help and reference material I have use Navigation Containers. However I don't want to change the states.

      Just wondering if someone has some code which uses menu bar and states together.

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          Andrew Rosewarn Level 3

          Hi there


          Take a look at this example;


          <?xml version="1.0"?>


          <mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" creationComplete="initCollections();" >


                  <mx:State name="state2">

                      <mx:RemoveChild target="{label1}"/>

                      <mx:AddChild position="lastChild">

                          <mx:Label text="THIS IS STATE 2"/>








                      import mx.events.MenuEvent;

                      import mx.controls.Alert;

                      import mx.collections.*;



                      public var menuBarCollection:XMLListCollection;


                      private var menubarXML:XMLList =


                              <menuitem label="Menu1" data="top">

                                  <menuitem label="First State" data=""/>

                                  <menuitem label="Second State" data="state2"/>





                    private function initCollections():void {

                          menuBarCollection = new XMLListCollection(menubarXML);



                      private function menuHandler(event:MenuEvent):void  {

                          currentState = event.item.@data;





          <mx:MenuBar labelField="@label" itemClick="menuHandler(event);"

                  dataProvider="{menuBarCollection}" />

               <mx:Label text="THIS IS STATE 1 - DEFAULT" id="label1"/>



          I hope this helps, make sure you call your states the same as the data attribute in the XML



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            rul987 Level 1

            Thanks Andrew, I am going to try this out and see if it works.