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    PS CS3, Snow Leopard and Licensing Issues


      Today I finished updating my confuser with Snow Leopard and all the various software that I use. I used a Time Machine back-up to re-install everything I have except the applications, figuring a fresh install would work the best.


      So I get to Adobe Photoshop CS3 and the install appears to have gone fine until I double-click the application. I get nothing more than a dialog box that reads:


      Licensing for this product has stopped working.


      You cannot use this product at this time. You must repair the problem by uninstalling and then reinstalling this product or contacting your IT administrator or Adobe customer support for help.


      I did the first one, nothing. Since I am my own IT department, I bypassed the second one and went to Adobe's tech support where I spoke with a lovely young lady who didn't know from Shinola. What a shocker. Any thoughts? Somewhere there must be a licensing file or something that has gone awry, since others have seemed to have no issues running PS3 under Snow Leopard.

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This Adobe knowlegebase article should help.



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            I've done all that was on that link, still not happy, this is dumb, funny thing is that my older version of CS2 works fine! Sheesh!

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              Does not work for me either.

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                shorebreak Level 1

                Ok this is what worked for me. Careful! You will lose all Adobe products, licenses, user settings and custom-anything!

                So Make sure you have your license keys ready to go and backups of the important stuff.

                And only do this if you understand the steps and that you might mess up big time! And I am not responsible for that


                Uninstall Adobe CS3 with the provided uninstaller (Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers/ ).

                Uninstall any other Adobe product (all of them) which are not in the CS bundle, like Flex Builder, Lightroom... (usually comes with an uninstaller)




                Go to Finder and Preferences.

                Go to Advanced and set: When performing a search: Search the current folder.

                Make sure it searches in "Library" and for "File-Name"!


                In Finder go to the home folder of your user, click the Library-folder.

                Search for "adobe" in the Library folder.

                Careful, the plan is to delete anything adobe BUT not stuff that other applications use/need.

                Go for the folders first and make sure the path to them does not include other applications.



                Do not delete:

                ..../Application Support/AppShelf/vault/adobe xyz


                You may delete:

                ..../Caches/adobe xyz

                ..../Application Support/Adobe


                and so forth.


                Also search for "Flex", "Lightroom" or other applications you might have had installed.

                Note: Usually, a lot of stuff with Flash and Macromedia shows up too. Keep those if they are Flash Player related.



                Select Macintosh HD in the Finder and navigate to the Library folder.

                Perform the same searches as above and delete (with careful reasoning) all the adobe stuff.


                Empty the Trash.




                You may now re-install from your product discs.