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    Creation of components in flex using AS



      I am new to flex.

      Right now I have 5 pages, which I have created as components , also I have some Action script into that.

      Later in our project we have 100 pages. If I will create the component for each page then I will be having 100 components.

      Is it a right way to do that?

      Or I will create a single method in action script which will create these pages on the fly. Is it possible? Also I have to manage action script into that.

      Will it become cumbersome to manage it?


      Can anyone please guide me for this?


      Any help appreciated.




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          Mainmanian Level 1

          In my experience, I found Flex to work much better if you considered a site consisting of functional parts and not pages. It woudl be easy for you to create a component(s) for each functional part. For instance, if you are creating a site for a portal, you could make components for portlets, login, registration, fourms, alerts etc.


          Each component could be designed using Flex Builder and write custom action script to handle events and triggers. Hope this helps... Ramesh

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            Madhav Subedi Level 4

            it would depend on what type of content you want to show in those 100 pages.

            you can design your website architecture of use less pages and have more controll with the actionscript.


            depending upon the availability of technology and resources, you can also go for dynamic sites ( with database/server script. ).