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    Link Bug?

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      We are a commercial Printer, have been using ID CS3 for about a year. Just came across a problem with links saying they are up to date, but are really Low Res when RIPed or printed. Images also appear low res on screen. But then If you click on a file in the links window and select relink, then the image displays in high res. There is no indicator that the link was not up to date.

      Has anyone had this before? Is there a solution?
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          Check to see if the image previews differently after you change the View>Overprint Preview, or maybe View>Display Performance>High Quality Display.

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            Actually, images preview rasterized as low resolution using View/Display Performance/High Quality Display. Indeed, high resolution images have always displayed, and printed as high rez images in the past using Indesign CS3.

            Except this time, for some reason, actual high res (300 dpi) images preview and print poorly, even with high quality preview and rip settings.

            Once low quality images are detected during high quality display, we have to relink images for them to preview and print correctly. So about 100 images had to be relinked. Relinks were not due to naming convention issues or file format challenges.

            This is very time consuming to relink a hundred images, and not billable time. So we'd really like to find a solution to this challenge were having with Adobe's Indesign CS3 product.

            Sprint Press used Indesign CS3 version 5.0.2, Mac OSX 10.4.11 (Tiger) on two different G5/2 x 2.66 ghz intel dual-core/4 gb ram systems. Both Indesign copies and macs had same issue with preview and printing linked high rez images.

            From the customer's end: Indesign CS3 on Mac OSX Tiger, and used Q2ID plug-in from Markzware to convert Quark 6.x into Indesign. Customer claims Q2ID conversion has been successful in past (i.e. no reported issues from other printers).

            Thank you for looking into this....
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              Lukas Engqvist Level 1
              An I understanding that you have high res and low res versions of the same images? If so delete the low res files. Find the high res images and put them in one folder then open your indesign document, it should ask you to find the links and now point to where the high res images are.
              Or you could try "washing" your document by savind as an inx (indesign interchange) and then opening the inx in indeign.
              Oh sry didn't see the Q2ID bit that only works if the links are updated in the quark file before converting to InDesign (which is explicitly stated in the documentation)
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                We just came across the exact same problem. We sent files to our printer, which we preflighted and showed no issue with any of the images (preflighted in flightcheck as well as indesign) and the file got printed with lo res images. Links showed properly, there were no lo res images included, the paths were leading to the high res yet they printed lo res. When I investigated the file I went to link info and it indicated the the image was 82 k when it was actually 5 megs. Why/how would this occur. Also the only way to get the link to display high res was to relink to file, although they were already linked to correct folder. When the printer ripped the file, the images again were not flagged as missing or lo res and yet that is how it printed. This was a costly error as the piece was a brochure. Fix this problem, or at least explain it PLEASE!! Using CS3 v504, Mac OS 10.5.8. This is very scarey indeed.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Just wandering through, and quite late, but in many ways this sounds like a problem with OPI comments. My recollection is that Quark inserts OPI comments by default and though I've never seen this particular problem, I have seen issues with PDF generated frm Quark files where OPI was active that whne palced into a new ID doc looked fine on screen but printed with missing images.