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    How to save a recorded stream .flv file outside of an FMS application directory?

    Lazlo Hollyfeld Level 1

      I have successfully been able to write some client-side ActionScript that allows me to record my webcam and mic data to my FMS server.  The .flv files get saved to a directory under the applications directory.  However, I need to process those flv files for a web application and would like those .flv files to be saved to the web app's directory (outside of the FMS application directory).  I have tried changing the <Streams> tag in the Application.xml file that I placed in the FMS application directory, but that simply did not work.

      My goal is simple:  to save the recorded stream data outside of the FMS application's directory.  I have been going crazy trying to do this, but would like to know any pointers that any of you experts have.  Can this be done?  If not, how can I execute a server side PHP script after the stream is done recording.  I know about using the exec() function in PHP, but am unsure as to how to execute that script via client-side actionscript.

      Here is the path to my FMS server (Linux OS) installation and the application directory.  The application name is "ngale".

      Here is the path that my client-side ActionScript is placing the .flv files of the recorded streams

      Here is the path to my web application

      Here is the path that I would like for the .flv recording files to be saved to

      Please help before I lose any more hair!!