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    Is Admin a required table for ADDT login ?

    jefferisp7 Level 1

      I created a simple database with 2 tables. One a record set of 2 values, price and rate

      the other was admin  with username and password.


      When I started the wizard, the connections came up with both tables properly named: admin and pricedata

      When I tried to use the admin table to create a login authorization, ADDT said "the admin table does not exist"    It listed it in the drop down but could not find the table with the connection.


      I then thought perhaps admin was a reserved word for a table so I recreated the table and renamed it "MyAdmin"  and I deleted ADDT files from the website and folder.  When I started to create the user login anew, the pricedata table still appears, but the other table is name "admin" not myadmin.  So I cannot use it to log in.


      Does ADDT require a table name admin to function??


      The other issue I wonder is that is earthlink's Mysql connection so slow that it is interfering with the connections. This is the client's host.... so it isn't my fault :-)