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    Wikipedia page for CinemaDNG

    Barry Pearson Community Member

      I recently registered at Wikipedia in order to improve the material there about DNG. (It needs doing!) I know a lot about DNG:



      I needed to refer to the Wikipedia page for CinemaDNG. But I couldn't find one. So I created one:



      This isn't my field! I've never been involved in developing a movie, and I've only recently tried "movie mode" on my K-7 dSLR just to see if it works. I urge people who really know about CinemaDNG to edit that page to improve it - correct errors and add extra information.


      If the edits are minor, and you don't normally edit Wikipedia, post them here and I can do the work. But I can't spend a lot of time on it. Remember that there must be a "neutral point of view", and credible references.