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    "Green" hdd question (for Harm and Hunt)

    shanty hill Level 1

      Okay, so I put my new drives in today I now have 4 drives total one is a couple of years old. 

      I have


      1 brand new 1 tb

      1 brand new 500 gb

      1 2 year old 500 gb

      and 1 green TB about 1 year old.  Thats what I had before I knew I wasn't supposed to be using green ones!!


      I have a quad  core processor with 4 gb of ram


      If it were you guys, how would you set it up?


      I guess what Im mostly concerned with is the green drive and if I should put anything on it.  What I thought I would do is

      use it for overflow of video from the other TB drive.


      Heres what I do.  I video tape stock car races every weekend.  To this point in the season I have all the weeks saved on the TB drive, but

      its almost full, so I thought Id put the last few weeks on the green drive.  When the season is over I will be deleting all of my video and starting over again next year in the spring.


      I am praying that after I get it set up this time I won't have to do this for a long time.


      Thanks again



      If your interest in seeing any of the video I have a couple on youtube, just search shantyhillproduction

      my daughter was the winner of the young guns race and my son was right along side.